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What's For Dinner? Fueling A Presidential Debate

Both candidates fueled up on potatoes and meat last night as they prepared for the debate at separate Marriotts near Hofstra University. But did what they choose to eat help their performance? We asked an expert to weigh in.

A New Look For The Salt

NPR's food blog, The Salt, has a new, more streamlined look and feel that will make taking us with you on mobile or tablet much easier. We've also added snappy categories and bigger photos, with more white space to let things breathe. Let us know what you think @NPRFood and in the comments.

Farmer Tackling Monsanto's Seed Policy Gets A Day In Supreme Court

Whether food giant Monsanto's practice of patenting crop seeds is legal when farmers have little opportunity to find alternatives may finally get a review from the Supreme Court this year. It has agreed to hear a case in which a farmer planting Monsanto seeds without paying.

Urban Parisian Vines Produce Wine With A Drop Of History

Winemaking isn't just for the countryside — at least not in France. There's an urban vineyard located in the heart of the French capital. In the 1920s, local artists planted grapevines to prevent a developer from wiping out the block.