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The Mystery Of the Ridiculously Pricey Bag Of Potatoes

Did a 10-pound bag of potatoes really cost $15 back in 2008? We get to the bottom of some puzzling numbers in the lawsuit alleging America's potato growers have become a spud cartel.
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Smithfield Goes To Shuanghui

Kojo looks at the impact of the $4.7 billion sale of the Virginia-based pork producer.


Hot Dogs, Bacon And Red Meat Tied To Increased Diabetes Risk

A fresh study looks at what happens after people change their meat-eating habits. Those who upped their intake — about 3.5 servings more per week — saw their risk of developing type 2 diabetes during four years of follow-up increase by almost 50 percent.

Obama Would Veto House's Farm Bill, White House Says

The Obama administration says the bill "makes unacceptable deep cuts" to federal food aid programs and extends, rather than cuts, crop insurance payments to farmers.

Dirty Spuds? Alleged Potato Cartel Accused Of Price Fixing

A civil lawsuit that shifted into U.S. district court in Idaho last week alleges that the United Potato Growers of America has become a veritable OPEC of spuds. The group is accused of using high-tech, strong-arm tactics to inflate potato prices.

Wholesale Grocer Accuses Potato Farmers Of Price-Fixing

A wholesale grocer has brought a lawsuit against the United Potato Growers of America claiming they are running an illegal price-fixing cartel. According to the lawsuit the UPGA has gone so far as to employ aerial surveillance to ensure its members are abiding by agreements to reduce the potato supply. Robert Siegel speaks with Associated Press reporter John Miller in Boise, Idaho about the case.

Italian University Spreads The 'Gelato Gospel'

Among the many culinary treats Italy has given the world is gelato, a frozen dessert with roots in ancient Mesopotamia. Gelato lovers from all over the world are flocking to a university outside Bologna, Italy, to master the art of gelato-making. Here's a free lesson: Don't call it ice cream.