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It's National Indian Pudding Day! Here's Why You Should Celebrate

Indian pudding, the traditional New England dessert, is rich in both history and flavor. It's made by combining cornmeal and milk with molasses. Food historians say it's one of the first truly American recipes.

Could Hunger Make Us More Charitable?

Hunger can make many people "hangry," or irritable. But new research suggests that we may have another, innate response to hunger: a desire to help others in need.

Why Can We Taste Bitter Flavors? Turns Out, It's Still A Mystery

The first bite of a bitter fruit or nut can be shocking, even revolting. That's led scientists to think that bitter tastes evolved to help us avoid poisonous plants. But a new a genetic study in Africa challenges that notion.

This Device Lets You Order A Pizza With The Push Of A Button

It's midnight, and you're hungry. If picking up the phone or using an app is too much hassle, a new innovation has you covered. You could call it "the emergency pizza button."

Chef Chat: We Pick The Brains Of Ottolenghi And Tamimi

The London-based duo have achieved international fame with their wildly popular restaurants and best-selling cookbooks rooted in Middle Eastern traditions. Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi dropped by NPR to talk food philosophy and kitchen must-haves.

Have Bitcoin To Burn? Next Stop Could Be The Farm

There aren't many businesses accepting Bitcoin just yet, so what's bringing together the futuristic currency with the age-old profession of farming? Some say credit card fees play a big role.

Sandwich Monday: Subway Sriracha Chicken Melt

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try the new thing on Subway's menu: the Sriracha Chicken Melt. The main ingredients are sriracha, chicken, and melt.

Prince Charles: Organic Innovator, Biscuit Maker

Two decades ago, the heir to the throne of England foresaw the potential and value in organic agriculture. The first product Duchy Originals launched was the Oaten Biscuit, and it's still a top seller today.

Mallomars: The Cookie Everyone Likes To Hoard

The mystique of Mallomars dates back to iceboxes and seasonal scarcity. Despite advances in modern refrigeration, people still stock up on the s'more-like cookies to tide them through the summer.
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Bottles And Brains: What Wine Tells Us About Consumer Behavior

Do we judge wine bottles by their labels the same way we might judge books by their covers? We explore the psychology behind how wine is marketed and what it says about consumer behavior.