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Chicken Fingers Being Replaced By Salad Bars At Some D.C. Schools

Seven salad bars in D.C. public schools will offer 2,300 students the chances to make healthy food choices at lunch.

'King Cocktail' Serves Up Prohibition History, Hangover Cure

Prohibition ended 80 years ago today. To mark the occasion, Dale DeGroff, the man many credit with reviving the art of the cocktail, joins NPR to talk about the era's lasting effect on American life, current trends in bartending, and to share a few of his favorite recipes.

Make The Punch Bowl Your Holiday Party Centerpiece

Renee Montagne talks to Julia Reed, a contributor to the southern-lifestyle magazine Garden & Gun about how to keep spirits up at your holiday party by putting the right stuff in your punch bowl.

These Days, School Lunch Hours Are More Like 15 Minutes

In a new poll, parents complain that their children are not getting nearly enough time for a basic school ritual: eating lunch. And that's worrying parents and administrators, given that about one-third of American kids are overweight or obese.

Mushroom Foraging: When The Fun(gi) Hunt Gets Out Of Hand

Foraging for fungi and other wild edibles has grown in popularity in the U.S. and abroad in recent years, fueled by guidebooks, Internet buzz and hype from chefs. As a result, some known mushroom hunting grounds are taking a beating.


Why $7-Per-Gallon Milk Looms Once Again

House and Senate negotiators are meeting to reconcile their two different versions of a new farm bill. If they don't reach agreement, the nation faces going over "the dairy cliff" – a reversion to 1949 farm policy that would cause a big spike in milk prices.

'Mastermind' Behind Doritos Locos Tacos Dies At Age 41

Despite naysayers, Todd Mills stuck to his guns and eventually saw a hard-shell taco splattered with neon-orange cheese dust become a staple in the country's fast-food scene.

Moon Turnips? NASA Takes Gardening to New Heights

The space agency has announced plans to grow turnips, basil and cress on the moon by 2015. The experiment could be good news for astronauts sick of their freeze-dried fare. But researchers say the real goal is to see if humans could one day live — and farm — on the moon.

Cookie-Baking Chemistry: How To Engineer Your Perfect Sweet Treat

A cookie in the oven almost looks like a monster coming alive. It bulges out, triples in size and then stiffens into a crisp biscuit. So how does an oven turn raw dough into a delight? A new animation explains the chemistry behind great baking so you, too, can unleash your inner mad scientist in the kitchen.

Your Waiter Is Having A Bad Day. Can You Tell?

Everyone who's ever had a job has had to show up for work on days they'd rather be anywhere else. Keeping it together can be especially challenging for servers, whose livelihood depends on providing diners with pleasant experience.