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Geeky Gamers Feast Upon Settlers Of Catan Cookbook

Deconstructed salads and nachos go in hexagonal bowls that mimic the layout of the German board game with a cult following. Cookbook author Chris-Rachel Oseland says that the recipes are perfect for die-hard players with dietary restrictions.

Hold The Cheese: Israelis Sway Domino's To Make Vegan Pizza

In America, pizza chains try to outdo each other by layering ever-more cheese on pies. But in Israel, vegans have convinced one pizza giant to take it all off. Bowing to a campaign from a group that promotes the vegan lifestyle in Israel, Domino's has added cheese-less pizzas to its menu there.

Pat Neely Shares Holiday Comfort Food Ideas

Food Network host Pat Neely of Down Home With the Neelys, talks with host Michel Martin about why comfort food should be on every holiday table.

This Stanford Ph.D. Became A Fruit Picker To Feed California's Hungry

Sarah Ramirez left a high-prestige career to bring California's bounty of unsellable fruit to food banks in the state's Central Valley. Her grassroots organization is trying to address a regional conundrum: While many area farms end up with imperfect fruit that can't be sold to supermarkets, local farmworkers struggle to afford fresh produce.

The Man Who Duped Millionaires Into Paying Big Bucks For Fake Wine

Rudy Kurniawan, once considered one of the world's most formidable wine collectors, was convicted Wednesday of making cheap wine blends in his house and then passing them off as some of the rarest wines in the world, for thousands of dollars each, at auction.

Is A 500-Year-Old German Beer Law Heritage Worth Honoring?

A German brewers association is seeking UNESCO World Heritage status for a 500-year-old law that dictates how to make beer. The brewers argue that the law ensures purity in German beers. But others say the law is from a bygone era.

Amid Fields Of Plenty, A Farmworker's Wife Struggles To Feed Her Family

Many can't afford to buy the fresh produce that grows all around them, and some areas that grow enormous amounts of produce are among the highest in the nation when it comes to food insecurity.
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Understanding Your Taste Buds (Rebroadcast)

Do you like salty or sweet? The answer is in your genes. We explore the science -- physical and culinary -- behind our sense of taste and why each of us prefers different flavors.


Industrial Meat Bad, Small Farm Good? It's Not So Simple

When it comes to making livestock agriculture more sustainable, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. That's the conclusion of a study of livestock around the world.

Forget Golf Courses: Subdivisions Draw Residents With Farms

Across the country, a new model of housing development is springing up that embraces the local food movement. Farms — complete with livestock, vegetables and fruit trees — are now serving as the latest suburban amenity.