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Pets Or Livestock? A Moral Divide Over Horse Slaughter

Horse slaughter is banned in the U.S., but thousands of American horses are shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter every year. Investors argue restarting the practice in the U.S. would be better for business and offer a more humane end for horses that are neglected under the current model.

Wasted Food Around The World Takes Heavy Toll On Environment

Wasted food creates billions of tons of greenhouse gases, and it costs us precious water and land. The rice lost in Asia and the meat wasted in rich countries contribute most heavily to the problem.

Small Plates To Join Olive Garden's Never-Ending Bowls

The Italian-themed chain is known for its all-you-can-eat, stuff-yourself-with-carbs approach to dining. But it's now trying to capture the millennial market by adding tapas designed for sharing.

Photos: Enter A World Of Cupcake Sledding And Broccoli Lawns

Photographer Christopher Boffoli made his name with his amusing dioramas of tiny, plastic people literally dominated by food. A new book, Big Appetites, assembles more than 200 images of these tiny people and their "complex culture."

This Football Season, Grab Some PB&J And Spread Your Wings

It's a flavor combination that blends the familiar with the caveman and is a favorite of the patrons at Sunny Anderson's local bar in Brooklyn.

Rye Bother? An Inside-The-Barrel Look At American Whiskeys

America is in the midst of a rye whiskey renaissance. Lovers of the spirit say it's spicier, edgier and less sweet than bourbons. But when scientists look at the flavor signatures of American whiskeys, what matters the most isn't always the grain in the bottle.


Purple Sweet Potato A Contender To Replace Artificial Food Dyes

Consumers are demanding "natural" food dyes, and scientists say the purple sweet potato is the most promising source of pigments to make them. But it may be a while before your red Popsicle is made with this kind of vegetable-based dye.

Sandwich Monday: The Burger King French Fry Burger

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try the newest addition to the Burger King menu: a burger topped with french fries. It's the latest stage in the march toward Total Menu Integration.

Craft Beer's Success Makes Sam Adams Founder A Billionaire

The Boston Beer Co., which brews Sam Adams, has seen its stock soar. The brewer reported net revenue of $181.3 million in the second quarter of 2013.
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Hunger In The U.S.

Food insecurity remains at near-record levels for the fifth straight year, with one in five American children at risk of hunger.