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The Old And Mysterious Practice Of Eating Dirt, Revealed

Women, particularly pregnant women around the world, have been known to crave "white dirt." A filmmaker explores the hidden practice in the South, where baggies of the stuff are sold at flea markets.

Ranch Dressing Is The Cream Of The Crop

A new report says ranch is the salad dressing of choice in cafeterias and restaurants in the U.S. Its sales and shipments are double that of the No. 2 dressing: blue cheese.

School For Making Toast: The Best Food Fooling 2014

The San Francisco Cooking School invited us to explore the "wonder" of sliced bread, and perfect techniques for light to extra dark toast. Would you pay to learn the secrets of fancy toast?

It's Official: Americans Are Floating In A Pool Of Ranch Dressing

What the heck did we put on salad, wings, chips and pizza crust before ranch flavor was invented? If you were born after the 1970s, you probably don't remember.

Do Girl Scout Cookies Still Make The World A Better Place?

Obesity docs say it's time for the Girl Scouts to ditch the processed, sugary cookies and find another way to raise money. But the tradition is deeply ingrained and has been around for a century.

Sandwich Monday: The Waffle Taco From Taco Bell

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we sample the long-awaited Taco Bell Breakfast Menu. Its centerpiece is a celebratory wedding of waffles and tacos.

In Kitchens Around The World, Comfort Foods Bring Us Together

Chef Carla Hall invites us over to make spanakopita, one of her favorite Greek dishes. Her new cookbook is all about celebrating the way home-cooked meals unite us — no matter where we're from.

Rethinking Fat: The Case For Adding Some Into Your Diet

There's new thinking about the effects of fat on our waistlines and our hearts. And consensus is building that saturated fat isn't the demon we were once told to fear, especially compared with carbs.

By Any Other Name, Does Vermont's Maple Syrup Taste As Sweet?

Forget "Grade A" — Vermont has a new system for grading maple syrup. The state hopes names like "Delicate" and "Robust" will educate consumers, but some residents are just plain confused.
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Robots Boost Production At Dogfish Head Brewery Three-Fold

One of the region's biggest brewing operations is getting even bigger with an expanded bottling operation.