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Why Farmers Can Prevent Global Warming Just As Well As Vegetarians

A study argues that if we want to cut emissions from meat production, we should help farmers produce more meat with less land. Farmers also need incentives not to cut down forests to graze animals.

Sriracha Chemistry: How Hot Sauces Perk Up Your Food And Your Mood

Sriracha and other spicy condiments make us feel so good, even when they burn so bad. So what's going on in our tongues? A video breaks down the beloved hot sauce into its molecular components.

Sandwich Monday: The Wrecking Ball

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try a delicacy from Potbelly Sandwich Shop's "secret menu." It's called the "Wrecking Ball," and it does not disappoint.
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Soul Food Redefined: Early African-American Cooks

Kojo explores what we've learned from early African-American cookbook authors and how their recipes are changing our perceptions of Southern cooking.


Cholent: The Original Slow-Cooked Dish

A stewed dish cooked very low and slow, cholent has roots in the Jewish Sabbath. This ancient stew directly inspired the Crock-Pot – and maybe the French cassoulet and Boston baked beans as well.

Alcoholics Learn To Make Their Own Beer In Canadian Program

In a twist on the old "teach a man to fish" adage, a Vancouver group teaches inveterate alcoholics to brew their own booze. The goal? Keeping them from drinking unsafe liquids that contain alcohol.

How Tracing The Oil In Your Pop-Tarts May Help Save Rain Forests

A Kellogg shareholder helped nudge the company to buy palm oil that's fully traceable to its source. The hope is that more transparency in the industry will prevent environmental and labor abuses.

What Sbarro's Woes Say About Where We Get Our Fast Food Now

The pizza chain is closing 155 stores. Sure, malls have been hit hard, but Sbarro's problems are bigger: These days, diners are more likely to opt for "fast casual" options like Chipotle.

Trader Joe's Caught In Sticky Lawsuit Over Peanut Butter Pretzels

Creating the salty-sweet snack was a bit of a technological marvel. And the company that claims to have invented it says Trader Joe's has unfairly cut it out of the pretzel marketplace.

USDA Tells Schools: Don't Refuse Food To Students Who Owe

The agency responds to a January incident in which a Utah elementary school served students food – and threw it away when their accounts were found to have a negative balance.