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Popcorn: Common Snack Helped To Build Empires

A lot of people watching the Oscars this weekend will probably also be eating some popcorn. Popcorn was domesticated before sweet corn or flour corn, and it laid the foundation of the Aztec empire.

First Look: The FDA's Nutrition Label Gets A Makeover

The FDA has released its mock-up of a proposed new label for food. On it, calorie counts go big and bold. What's out? Listing calories from fat. What else is new? More details on added sugars.

Maybe That BPA In Your Canned Food Isn't So Bad After All

There's been lots of debate about whether tiny amounts of the chemical have the potential to cause health problems. A new FDA study supports a previous conclusion that the chemical is safe for people.

Nutrition Labels To Get Long-Overdue Tweaks

With obesity as a top health priority, the first lady wants clearer labels to help people make healthier choices. Advocates hope food manufacturers will have to provide more details on added sugar.

Industry Wipes Away 'Got Milk?' Mustache After Sales Take Spill

The milk industry has a new slogan: "Milk Life." Instead of celebrities and milk mustaches, the new campaign reminds consumers that milk is a source of energy and protein.

New Rules Would Curb How Kids Are Sold Junk Food At School

Schools have made big strides in meeting standards for healthier meals, but students are still bombarded by junk food marketing. The first lady announced guidelines Tuesday that aim to change that.

Why Farmers Can Prevent Global Warming Just As Well As Vegetarians

A study argues that if we want to cut emissions from meat production, we should help farmers produce more meat with less land. Farmers also need incentives not to cut down forests to graze animals.

Sriracha Chemistry: How Hot Sauces Perk Up Your Food And Your Mood

Sriracha and other spicy condiments make us feel so good, even when they burn so bad. So what's going on in our tongues? A video breaks down the beloved hot sauce into its molecular components.

Sandwich Monday: The Wrecking Ball

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try a delicacy from Potbelly Sandwich Shop's "secret menu." It's called the "Wrecking Ball," and it does not disappoint.
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Soul Food Redefined: Early African-American Cooks

Kojo explores what we've learned from early African-American cookbook authors and how their recipes are changing our perceptions of Southern cooking.