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Why 500 Million U.S. Seafood Meals Get Dumped In The Sea

Nine American fisheries together throw overboard as much as 340 million pounds of fish and other species they were not trying to catch, a report finds. Much of it is perfectly edible fish.

A Cronut By Any Other Name Is Still A Cronut

A Maine bakery sold its own version of cronuts, the croissant-doughnut hybrids, which it called crauxnuts. But the cronut creator sent a letter saying the name was trademarked, no matter the spelling.

This Simple Stew Is A Battleground In A Bowl

Punish Stew is more than a comfort food: It's a dish that turned a dinner table into a battleground. Award-winning chef John Currence shares the recipe, and the story, to the stew he hates and loves.

Soaring Lime Prices Put Squeeze On Restaurants, Food Lovers

The price of limes in the U.S. is skyrocketing, and that could have something to do with Mexico's drug war. Gustavo Arellano explains why. He writes the syndicated column "Ask a Mexican."

French-Fry Conspiracy: Genes Can Make Fried Foods More Fattening

Some people are more likely than others to gain weight from frequently indulging in fried foods, scientists say. You can blame Mom and Dad for passing on the obesity risk genes.

Persian New Year's Table Celebrates Nature's Rebirth Deliciously

Around the world, millions of families of Iranian descent will gather around a ceremonial table to mark the start of spring. This ancient Persian festival has a lot to do with fresh, green foods.
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New Wave Of D.C. Brews Draws From Tradition Going Back Centuries

A new wave of craft breweries in D.C. has reignited the city's taste for suds, but as Garrett Peck explains in his new book, the nation's capital has a long history with brewing beer.


Nevada Farmers Hack The Drought By Switching Up The Crops

The latest drought has revived questions about the viability of farming in Nevada desert. While some farmers have given up, others are experimenting with crops like grapes that require less water.

Beyond Beans: Starbucks Seeks To Branch Out From Coffee

Starbucks is testing an evening menu that includes wine at more than 25 locations. Now, the company's chief operating officer says it plans to offer its nighttime fare at thousands of U.S. stores.

Could Our Food Supply Be A Target For Terrorists?

Terrorists haven't hit our food supply – yet. But there are major vulnerabilities, from food processing plants to cattle ranching. U.S. regulators want the industry to start taking the risk seriously.