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Sexually Transmitted Food Poisoning? A Fish Toxin Could Be To Blame

Tropical fish, like red snapper and grouper, can accumulate one of the most poisonous toxins on Earth. People who eat those fish could get ciguatera, an illness with strange neurological effects, such as painful intercourse. And doctors say there's a chance it spreads through sex.

Paris Confidential: The Mystery Mousse Behind The Chocolate Bar

Dorie Greenspan's quest for her friends' delectable chocolate mousse recipe was the stuff of private-eye fiction. In the face of French etiquette, she persevered — until her investigation finally yielded an answer to the mystery. As a Valentine's Day gift, she passes the surprisingly easy recipe along to us.

Why Some Olympians Load Up On Salad Instead Of Pasta

From cross-country skiers to ski jumpers, elite athletes can have very different fueling priorities. Endurance winter athletes may need up to 5,000 calories on competition day, while ski jumpers hoping to stay light and lithe might limit themselves to 1,800 calories or less a day.
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On The Coast: Turning A Love Of Life On The Water Into A Job

Oysters were once an important part of the coastal economy — and now two men are trying to bring back that once-thriving seafood industry.


For Lower-Income Students, Snow Days Can Be Hungry Days

When bad weather shuts down school or delays its openings, it locks out many needy kids from a key source of nutrition. Some 70 percent of U.S. schoolchildren who eat school lunches get them for free or at reduced prices.

Shanghai Warms Up To A New Cuisine: Chinese Food, American-Style

Chinese immigrants adapted their cuisine over time to appeal to American palates. So Americans looking for familiar dishes in China won't find many. But a new restaurant in Shanghai hopes to change that — offering expats a taste of home and introducing locals to foreign treats like fortune cookies.

The Full-Fat Paradox: Whole Milk May Keep Us Lean

Two recent studies add to the growing evidence that consuming dairy fat may actually fend off weight gain. Experts say it may be time to revisit the assumption that when it comes to dairy, fat free is always best.

European Union Moves To Approve U.S. Genetically Modified Corn

Despite efforts by two-thirds of its 28 member states to block the move, the European Union took a large step toward approving a new genetically modified corn Tuesday. Opponents say the corn, a DuPont Pioneer product called TC1507, has harmful qualities.

Thank You, Shirley Temple, For The Original 'Mocktail'

Generations of children have been charmed by Shirley Temple onscreen, and in a glass. The drink that bears her name, it seems, has a shelf life as long as her movies.

After 23 Years, Your Waiter Is Ready For A Raise

The tipped minimum wage has been stuck at $2.13 an hour since 1991, but legislation before Congress could finally change that. The restaurant industry says that will cost jobs and drive away diners. But in states where servers, bartenders and other tipped workers already make more than the federal minimum wage, restaurants haven't been hurting.