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Debate: Should We Avoid Eating Anything With A Face?

A doctor, a vegan, a researcher and a farmer recently waded into a hot-button topic in the food world: Is it a bad idea to eat meat? They delve into the medical, ethical and environmental arguments in the latest Intelligence Squared U.S.

Robots Could Help Farmers Rein In Fertilizer Pollution

When it comes time to fertilizing a cornfield, most farmers use huge machines that weigh at least 10 tons. But three brothers in Minnesota have created a tiny robot they say can do the same job much more efficiently.

Congressional Work On Farm Bill Likely To Spill Into 2014

Without a farm bill, dairy policy will revert to 1949 law, and wholesale milk prices could double. But the Senate Agriculture Committee chairwoman says she expects a bill to pass in January, in time to avert a spike in milk prices.

Elevenses And Then Some: How To Prepare A Feast Fit For A Hobbit

The latest installment in the Hobbit movie trilogy opens this week. And some hard-core fans plan to celebrate not just with a marathon screening of the Lord of The Ring films that came before it, but with a full day of feasting — seven meals, hobbit-style. We offer up a sample menu.

Fresh Research Finds Organic Milk Packs In Omega-3s

Organic milk contains about 62 percent more omega-3s than milk from cows on conventional dairy farms, a new U.S.-based study finds. To get the full boost of these healthful fatty acids, you'll need to drink whole milk.

Microbiome Candy: Could A Probiotic Mint Help Prevent Cavities?

Lacing a sugar-free candy with the right kind of bacteria might one day help fight off tooth decay, a study suggests. The experimental mint lowered the levels of cavity-causing bacteria in volunteers' saliva. But the microbe candy still has a long way to go before it reaches shelves at Walgreens.

Sandwich Monday: Pecan Pie Pringles

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try the seasonal Pecan Pie-flavored Pringles. It's the holidays in a can!

'In Meat We Trust' Argues We Got The Meat Industry We Asked For

Historian Maureen Ogle's new book examines the rise of our modern industrial meat system by examining its roots — all the way back to Colonial America. There's a fundamental disconnect, she argues, in our demands for both cheap, plentiful meat and an end to factory farms. Something, she says, has to give.
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Virginia Touts Significant Growth In Agricultural Exports

Agriculture is booming in Virginia, according to the state's secretary of agriculture, with all-time highs in the state's exports.


Between Pigs And Anchovies: Where Humans Rank On The Food Chain

For the first time, scientists have figured out where we sit on the global food chain. Although humans are clearly top chefs of the world, we're not the top predator. Instead, our ranking is closer to a small, smelly fish that we put on pizzas and salads.