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It's Not Tennessee Whiskey If It's Aged In Kentucky, State Says

Tennessee recently began regulating whiskey carrying the state name, sparking a dispute between two liquor titans. A complaint over barrels stored in Kentucky added a new twist to the conflict.
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DCPS Student Taste Testers Vote on How They Want Their Veggies Prepared

A professor from American University is teaming up with chefs who prepare vegetables three different ways and let DCPS students vote on their favorite.


Eating Broccoli May Give Harmful Chemicals The Boot

A study found that people who consumed broccoli sprouts excreted two air pollutants faster than usual. So does that mean there's something to detoxing with cruciferous veggies? Scientists say maybe.

Goats In The City? Making A Case For Detroit's Munching Mowers

Goats aren't allowed in Detroit, but billionaire Mark Spitznagel thinks they could help revitalize blighted neighborhoods. Goat raisers in other cities say the animals can be eco-friendly landscapers.

Uruguayan Soccer Team's Caramel Spread Denied Entry Into Brazil

Customs officials confiscated more than 80 pound of caramel spread. Officials say they'll release the sweet treat when the team presents a health certificate for the milk-based product.

'Pink Slime' Is Making A Comeback. Do You Have A Beef With That?

Since beef prices are going up, food processors are once again looking at cheap "lean, finely textured beef." But this time, they're preparing for consumers' concerns.

In 'My Name Is Salt,' The Toil And Joy Of India's Salt Harvest

A documentary follows three generations of a family as they harvest the essential seasoning in the blazing desert heat of Gujarat, India. But rather than decry their hard labor, the film honors it.

Red Fish, Blue Fish: Where The Fish Flesh Rainbow Comes From

From ruby red tuna to turquoise lingcod, the fish we eat can span the color spectrum. Flesh color can also tell us something about where a fish came from, its swimming routine and what it ate.

In Yabbies And Cappuccino, A Culinary Lifeline For Aboriginal Youth

Australia has a long, dark history of racial discrimination against the Aborigines. A cooking and hospitality program tries to help youth discover their culture and build confidence and competence.

In The Making Of Megafarms, A Mixture Of Pride And Pain

A tiny fraction of America's 2 million farmers produces most of our food. They are the winners of a long-running competition for land and profits that has also drained the life out of small towns.