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Artisanal Food Waste: Can You Turn Scraps Into Premium Products?

Entrepreneurs hope that, instead of paying bottom dollar for produce that might otherwise have ended up in the landfill, customers will pony up for high-end foods made from rescued ingredients.

Shrimp Grown In Tanks Make A Splash, Coming To A Market Near You

The U.S. appetite for shrimp is often fed in unsavory ways, with seafood produced unsustainably, sometimes with slave labor. In New York's Hudson Valley, an indoor aqua farm is raising an alternative.

Better Burgers, More Healthful Hot Dogs: Could A Pinch Of Seaweed Be The Answer?

Processed meats used in hot dogs and hamburgers are high in levels of salt and fat. Some scientists want to boost these foods' nutritional profile by adding seaweed to the meats.

Hot Enough For You? Cool Off With A Brief History Of Frozen Treats

The Roman Emperor Nero was said to enjoy snow topped with honey. Persians liked to drink sharbate over ice. But a scientific discovery in the 1500s paved the way for our modern ice creams.

Indian Accent Chef Breaks Culinary Boundaries With New York Location

Indian Accent is a Delhi restaurant that does creative fusion twists on Indian classics. Think blue cheese naan or a traditional Indian stuffed crepe filled with hoisin duck. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to the executive chef and creative mastermind Manish Mehrotra about opening his new location in New York.
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What Chef Michel Richard Meant For Local D.C. Cuisine

Kojo and guests reflect on the local legacy of the Chef Michel Richard, who died this past weekend.


Distilling The Story Of California Wine, One Label At A Time

At the world's largest wine research library — inside UC Davis — librarians are crowd-sourcing their archives to understand the forces that shaped California's wine industry into a global powerhouse.

At This Experimental Culinary Event, The Cutlery Is High Art

Three Michelin-star chefs will cook for 60 guests in a one-night voyage of victuals in California. We talked to an artist creating the virtuoso flatware for the event.

From Darkroom To Kitchen: A Time Capsule Of Recipes From Midcentury Photographers

Ansel Adams' poached eggs. William Eggleston's cheese grits casserole. Four decades after being hidden away in a museum, a collection of images and recipes from famed artists finally sees the light.

Creamed, Canned And Frozen: How The Great Depression Revamped U.S. Diets

During the Depression, cheap, nutritious and filling food was prioritized — often at the expense of taste. Jane Ziegelman and Andy Coe, authors of A Square Meal, discuss food trends of the time.