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Coffee And Climate Change: In Brazil, A Disaster Is Brewing

Climate change is threatening the world's coffee, a new report says. In the biggest coffee supplier on the planet, Brazil, rising temperatures are being felt to devastating effect.

What's In The Latest WikiLeaks Dump of Clinton Campaign Emails

WikiLeaks is meting out a trove of hacked emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. The latest release includes commentary on Catholicism and risotto.
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Should D.C. Public Schools Make School Lunches In-House?

A new report from the city auditor's office recommends that D.C. Public Schools manage its own food program.


Tax Soda To Fight Obesity, WHO Urges Nations Around The Globe

A World Health Organization report recommends fiscal policies, including taxes, that hike the retail price of sugary drinks to fend off obesity and diabetes — and the related health care costs.

African-American Museum Cafe Serves Up Black History With Every Forkful

The restaurant inside the new National Museum of African American History and Culture offers a menu designed to showcase the breadth of black contributions to our nation's cuisine.

Cookbook Tells The Story Of Sri Lanka's Civil War Through Food

Handmade trains its lens on 34 women from across the war-torn north, interweaving their stories of struggle and survival with recipes representative of the region's distinctive cuisine.

Backyard Chickens Linked To Record High In Salmonella Infections, CDC Says

Urban chickens are a thing, we know, but backyard birds can carry pathogens. And so far this year, 895 people from 48 states have gotten sick, and a few hundred were hospitalized. One person died.

Malfatti, The Dumpling That Became A Napa Valley Legend

Born of a "mistake," these dumplings have become a beloved staple of Italian restaurants in California's Napa Valley. They're packed with cheese, spinach and local Italian-American history.

Across The Globe, Our Diets Are Making Us Sicker, Report Finds

The good news: fewer hungry people around the world. The bad news: Increased consumption of processed foods is pushing up global rates of overweight and obesity.

Perdue Goes (Almost) Antibiotic-Free

The giant poultry producer says that it is now raising all of its chickens without routine antibiotics. Only those flocks that get sick, about 5 percent of all birds, will be treated.