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Preserving The Season's Fruits With A Canning Evangelist

Kevin West, author and blogger, takes NPR's Lynn Neary to a farmers market to choose the summer's best produce for canning. "You take this experience ... and you put it in the jar. And six months from now we will re-experience that moment," West says.

Avocado-Fed Pork? Why Animal Feed Is Going Gourmet

Some farmers say they are willing to shoulder the extra cost and time of specialty feed because they're turned off by conventional feed mixes. A few will even take custom feed requests from chefs and diners.

Bikini Baristas And Sexist Sausages: Food Marketing Gone Wrong

In over-caffeinated Washington state, police have raided a chain of coffee stands where the scantily clad baristas were allegedly serving up way more than espressos. Meanwhile, in Germany, a plan to serve up "his and her" bratwurst proves sexist and ham-headed.
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American Food Roots

Kojo sits down with the editors of the new web site American Food Roots to find out what makes American cooking truly authentic.


What The Rise Of Cage-Free Eggs Means For Chickens

Promises from big food companies to switch to "cage-free" eggs have set off a supply chain reaction among egg producers. Some producers are adding more cage-free houses to their operations. But scientists are still trying to measure whether cage-free chickens are really better off.
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Concerns About Caffeinated Energy Drinks, Candy And Snacks (Rebroadcast)

Debate over the health effects of caffeinated energy drinks, candy and snacks. Companies argue they are safe, but critics say they shouldn't be marketed to children.


Moonshine As Moneymaker? Eastern Tennessee Will Drink To That

Locals in eastern Tennessee have been making moonshine for centuries. But until a few years ago, it was pretty hard for most distillers to do so legally. Now, entrepreneurs have turned their moonshine heritage into a way to boost the local economy and help farmers, too.

Can You Be Addicted To Carbs? Scientists Are Checking That Out

Researchers are trying to figure out if it really is possible to be addicted to food. A study of brain activity finds there's more going on in areas linked to reward and addiction after people drink a shake with lots of refined carbohydrates. But it's not clear how that factors into overeating.

Rosie The Robot Won't Serve Your Food, But She'll Pick It

Labor-starved farmers are now eyeing lettuce-picking robots to help with the harvest. But more robots on the farm could also spell trouble for smaller producers that can't afford them.
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Wagshal's Opens Second D.C. Location

Wagshal's, a D.C.-based supermarket that has operated since 1925, has opened its second location near American University.