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A Fight Over Vineyards Pits Redwoods Against Red Wine

Environmental groups in Northern California are suing to stop a winery from leveling 154 acres of coast redwoods and Douglas firs to make way for grapevines. As climate change heats up California's interior valley, the wine industry is creeping toward the coast, where majestic redwoods grow.
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The White Stuff: Are Oreos As Addictive As Cocaine?

With a new study comparing the addictive quality of Oreos to cocaine, Kojo looks at the science behind food addiction.


Scratch 'N' Sniff Your Way To Wine Expertise ... Or At Least More Fun

Wine is a grocery, not a luxury. That's the premise behind a fun, new wine guide filled with charming illustrations and scratch 'n' sniffs. But don't let the playfulness fool you. There's some serious science in the book, which covers the full gamut of tasting with humor and a refreshing simplicity.

With Shutdown Over, The Race To Feed Low-Income Seniors Is On

An assistance program for low-income seniors has its funding back. During the shutdown, food sat untouched in warehouses across the country. Some seniors wondered how they would get their next meal. Now, volunteers are scrambling to get the food to those who need it.

Moms Petition Mars To Remove Artificial Dyes From M&M's

The petition to candy-maker Mars is motivated by concerns that artificial colorings can make some kids hyperactive. In Europe, natural dyes have now outstripped their artificial counterparts.

Found Recipes: Dr. Klaw's Authentic New England Lobster Roll

A dozen years ago in Brooklyn, N.Y., a Cape Cod surfer dude created a secret identity to sell simple and delicious lobster rolls.
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Montgomery County Strives To Connect Food With Families

Montgomery County, Md., says it's launching the nation's first countywide food recovery program, linking unwanted food with people in need.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Connections

From rappers and tappers to phones and food, we'll look at the ties that bind us, as we bring you a show about "Connections."


Pucker Up, America: Beers Are Going Sour

A brew that has all the complexity of a wine and the zing of a Sour Patch Kid, these tangy beers are rising in popularity. And with few hops in them, they're a great option to try if you don't like bitter beers or prefer a pinot noir to a Pilsner.

So What Happens If The Movement To Label GMOs Succeeds?

The campaign to label foods containing genetically modified organisms is gaining ground in some parts of the U.S. But GMO ingredients are found in some 70 percent of foods we buy in the U.S. Would a ubiquitous GMO label scare off consumers, or would they learn to accept it and buy anyway?