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Celery: Why?

Considering humans' millennia-long struggle with famine, it's surprising anyone spent time or resources cultivating low-calorie celery. But the vegetable's original use had nothing to do with food.

Spring Is Swarm Season, When Beekeepers Are On The Hunt For New Hives

While a new neighborhood beehive can be stressful for homeowners, it's an exciting time for beekeepers. They see it as an opportunity to collect more colonies for their apiaries.

Nashville High Schoolers Train As Baristas To Prepare For The College Grind

A program teaches highs schoolers to pull espressos and pour pretty lattes. The idea is to prepare them for college — for college tuition bills, that is.

Curious Orange: Gull Gets Dyed After Diving Into Vat Of Tikka Masala

A sea gull got the day-glo treatment after it fell into a vat of spicy chicken at a factory in Wales.

Philadelphia City Council Set To Pass Soda Tax

Philadelphia's City Council agreed to support a tax of 1.5 cents per ounce on sweetened beverages, including all sweetened drinks, whether they are sugar-based or diet. The proposal still requires a second council vote, expected to pass on June 16. Cities interested in similar taxes include Oakland, Calif., San Francisco and Boulder, Colo.

M-Battled: Swedish Court Bars M&M's Over Trademark Dispute

An appeals court in Sweden says M&M's should melt from the market, because they look too similar to another candy.

Taxing Sugar: 5 Things To Know About Philly's Proposed Soda Tax

The Philadelphia City Council this week took a major step toward approving a tax on sweetened drinks. Passing a tax in a city this big would be historic and could set a precedent.

Beyond Bison Burgers: Around Yellowstone, The National Mammal Is Local Cuisine

Bison sliders, bison bratwurst, hot-off-the-grill bison ribeye — around Jackson, Wyo., it's not hard to find this shaggy beast's meat on menus. (Don't worry: It's all farm-raised.)
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Our Region's Path To A Sustainable Seafood System

Some of the greatest seafood sources in the entire world, like the Chesapeake Bay, are in our region. But we're also at the epicenter of massive efforts to make our seafood systems more sustainable.


Copycake: When Food Art Ideas Get Swiped

Caitlin Freeman made a name for herself selling modern art-inspired pastries at the SFMOMA. The museum's cafe just reopened with a new caterer — whose desserts look suspiciously familiar.