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McDonald's Says Bye-Bye To Sugary Sodas In Happy Meals

From now on, the fast-food giant says, it will only market and promote milk, water or juice with its children's meals — though parents can still choose to order sodas for their children. The change comes as part of a larger plan to promote more healthful choices.

Doctors Say Changes In Wheat Do Not Explain Rise Of Celiac Disease

A doctor who authored the book Wheat Belly claims that changes to modern varieties of wheat have have caused the rise in celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. But other doctors have other theories to explain why wheat makes some people sick.

Hash Browns To Soothe Any Homesick Midwesterner

Amy Thielen knows hash browns. The Minnesotan is a former grill cook who spent many hours flipping those grated potatoes and making sure they had the prefect crisp edge. For today's Found Recipes, Thielen shares the story behind her Glorified Hash Browns, "glorified" because they're accompanied by grilled peppers.

Are Chefs On Competitive Diets Good Public Health Messengers?

Chefs are the masterminds behind restaurants that enable and celebrate indulgence and gluttony. So when they do weight loss challenges, the messages are mixed.

Why Can't Fish Oil Supplements Keep Our Brains Sharp?

Contrary to earlier studies, new research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids may not stave off cognitive decline. We look at why this is hard to pin down — and examine the body of evidence that finds supplements may not be as effective as eating fish meals in protecting brain health.
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D.C.'s Thriving Restaurant Scene Grapples With Worker Shortages

While D.C.'s restaurant scene is coming of age in a major way, it's also experiencing growing pains — in the form of labor shortages.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Coming Of Age

This week we'll bring you stories of how we grow up, grow wise, and come into our own.


Pork Politics: Why Some Danes Want Pig Meat Required On Menus

No traditional Danish meal is complete without a piece of pork tucked in somewhere — which helps explain the outrage that followed after some Danish day cares dropped pork to accommodate Muslims. The battle over menus is the latest sign of Denmark's struggle with multiculturalism.

That's The Spirit: Why Indians Prefer Strong Beer, Liquor

Indians traditionally don't drink much compared with many other countries. But they are imbibing more these days and they do like the strong stuff. Liquor and strong beer dominate the market.

Rooftop Farming Is Getting Off The Ground

Urban farmers are eyeing rooftops that are already green as potential sites to grow food. But there are big obstacles to rooftop farming — from permitting to transporting water and soil to the top of a building.