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Food Stamp Program Doesn't Guarantee Food Security, Study Finds

In a small study, Harvard researchers found that getting food stamps didn't help low-income individuals as much as they expected. Despite their food aid, researchers say the people they surveyed weren't getting a complete, nutritious diet.

A Chef Learns To Make His Nana's Petite Sweet Potato Pies

Matthew Raiford is a chef and farmer from Brunswick, Ga., and while he's gone to culinary school and worked in many a fine restaurant, he realized he didn't know how to make a sweet potato pie as good as his 93-year-old grandmother's. For our Found Recipe series, he set out to learn how she makes it and was humbled and surprised.

In 'Original Local,' Thanksgiving Recipes From The First Americans

Author and poet Heid Erdrich writes about the food-ways of Native Americans in the Upper Midwest in the new book, Original Local. Erdrich tells guest host Celeste Headlee that "eat Local" is more than just the latest foodie trend. She explains that the practice dates back to America's earliest residents — and we're not talking about the Pilgrims.

Remember 'French Fries Cause Cancer'? Here's The Acrylamide Update

Back in 2002, news that acrylamide, a carcinogen in animals, had been found in some foods set off a bit of a panic. Now the FDA has issued a new warning on the chemical in food. But here's the puzzler: In the years since that first scare, the human studies haven't really backed those initial concerns about cancer.

Organic Farmers Bash FDA Restrictions On Manure Use

Many organic farmers are hopping mad right now at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Their reason? Fertilizer. The FDA, as part of its overhaul of food safety regulations, wants to limit the use of animal manure, which organic farmers call a precious resource and a basis of their farming practices.

Moms-To-Be Are Eating Fish, But Choosing Low-Mercury Options

The blood mercury levels in women of childbearing age dropped 34 percent in the decade between 2000 and 2010, according to new research from the EPA. That suggests that potential moms and those expecting are making smarter choices at the fish counter, without avoiding seafood altogether.

Food Stamp Cuts Leave Rural Areas, And Their Grocers, Reeling

In communities grappling with high unemployment, grocery stores serve many customers who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to get by. Some stores are estimating that their sales might fall between 5 and 10 percent now that the government has reduced the benefits.

A Second Helping Of Turkey Tips From Alton Brown

So nice, we decided to air it twice: All Things Considered's Melissa Block interviewed TV chef Alton Brown last year to get the lowdown on his tips for the best way to prepare your Thanksgiving Turkey. Did Block take Brown's advice and change her fowl-roasting ways?

Can A Fish Farm Be Organic? That's Up For Debate

The federal government is struggling to figure out how to fit fish farms into the National Organic Program, which regulates organic land-based farms. Environmentalists argue that fish farms shouldn't quality for an organic label if they don't use organic feed.

What's Trending In Food Magazines? Thanksgiving Classics

Trendy turkey recipes from years past included tandoori turkey and grilled turkey. This year, tried-and-true roast turkeys are back, according to two food bloggers who combed 11 food magazines in search of top Thanksgiving recipes.