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3 Kickstarter Food Projects That Leave Potato Salad In The Dirt

One guy's Kickstarter quest for $10 to make his first potato salad has now raised over $50,000 — a kind of Internet joke gone viral. Here are three modest food projects to consider instead.

What It Takes To Make A Decent Cup Of Coffee In Space

Italian engineers say they've finally come up with a way to brew espresso on the ISS so astronauts can ditch the instant coffee. We asked: What's so hard about making coffee in space? Answer: A lot.

Globe-Trotting GMO Bananas Arrive For Their First Test In Iowa

A new banana enhanced with vitamin A is intended to address diet deficiencies in Uganda. But if the past history of "biofortified" crops is prologue, it faces a tough road ahead.

Couple Revives Lost Moroccan Fig Liquor, One Bottle At A Time

Jews have made mahia, a spirit made with fermented figs, in Morocco for centuries, but the tradition has all but died out. A New York couple aims to reintroduce the drink that once connected a nation.

Whipping Up A Second Serving Of Atlantic Beach Pie

In an encore installment of our Found Recipes series, cookbook writer Katie Workman talks about an amazing citrus and whipped cream pie called "Atlantic Beach Pie."
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Old Bay & the Chesapeake's Identity

It's one of the flavors that defines life in the Chesapeake region: Old Bay Seasoning, the blend of herbs and spices that's been made in Maryland for nearly a century. Kojo explores the link between spice and regional identity - and what Old Bay has contributed to the culinary DNA of the Chesapeake region.


Sandwich Monday: The Deep-Fried Grilled Cheese

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try an update to a sandwich classic: the grilled cheese, breaded and deep-fried.

Raw Milk Producers Aim To Regulate Themselves

To create accountability and transparency, some raw milk producers are coming up with guidelines for testing and safety. But federal agencies say all raw milk is still risky to consume.

On The Hunt For The Nation's Best Burrito

Anna Maria Barry-Jester has been traveling the USA, eating, photographing, blogging and ranking the nation's burritos. She tells NPR's Tamara Keith about the epic journey.
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'Black Widow' Falls Short In Hot-Dog Eating Contest

Three-time defending champion Sonya Thomas — who hails from Alexandria, Virginia — lost her hot dog eating title Friday to Miki Sudo in the women's division of the annual Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island.