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Drought-Friendly Recipes Kick Up The Flavor — And Cut Back On Water

An LA chef and his partner are cooking up recipes using ingredients that require less water to grow and cook with. They want to get us thinking about the resources that go into growing our food.

For New Mexico's Chiles, The Enemy Isn't Just Drought But Salt, Too

Farmers in New Mexico are worried about the future of the state's most beloved crop: green and red chiles. They're increasingly relying on salty groundwater, which damages the soil and the crops.

Schools Say Ciao To Plastic Lunch Trays, Hello To Compostable Plates

Six of the nation's largest school districts are ditching polystyrene lunch trays in favor of compostable plates. The hope is that they'll incentivize cities to build more composting facilities.

Halibut Dumping Stirs Fight Among Fishing Fleets In Alaska

Last year, big fleets in the Bering Sea caught more halibut, by accident, than local fishermen caught on purpose. The big ships throw out that halibut; the local fishermen make their living from it.

Why Wal-Mart's Labor Issues Run Deeper Than Too Much Justin Bieber

Wal-Mart has said it will turn up the heat and turn down the Justin Bieber music at stores to appease employees. But it's not addressing the most glaring problems in its supply chain, activists say.

India Orders Nestlé To Stop Selling Some Noodle Soup Products

India's Food Safety and Standards Authority said that the soups were "unsafe and hazardous for human consumption." Nestlé said the products had not been tested properly.

A Life Spent 'Working Toward The Perfect Slice'

Len Berk loves lox, the salt-cured salmon that goes so well with bagels. The 85-year-old New Yorker is a veteran salmon slicer at a gourmet food shop in Manhattan. But it wasn't always that way.

Trader Joe's Ex-President Opens Store With Aging Food And Cheap Meals

Would you buy groceries with a shorter shelf life if they were sold at a steep discount? Doug Rauch will test the idea at a new grocery store stocked with food donated by wholesalers and markets.

California's War Over Water Has Farmer Fighting Farmer

Drought-stricken Central Valley farmers are pointing fingers at the Sacramento Delta, where water still flows reliably. There's more pressure than ever to change a long-standing water rights system.
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Forget The Cronut: Is D.C. On The Cusp Of A Kolache Craze?

A mouth-watering treat is coming to D.C., by way of the Czech Republic... and Texas.