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Even Carnivores Are Putting More Fake Meat On Their Plates

Vegetarians aren't the only ones buying products like tempeh, tofu and seitan, a survey finds. Sales of meat alternatives climbed 8 percent between 2010 and 2012, thanks in part to meat eaters looking for a break from meat.

If You Liked That Wine, You Should've Put A Ring On It

An art student has designed a line of jewelry specifically for tasting wine and cognac. One ring perches a petite wineglass atop your finger. Another is a miniature snifter. The spirit sippers aren't available for purchase, but if you're itching to don your stemware, try an old-fashioned tastevin.
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Virginia Wine Sales Set New Record

Virginia wines are continuing to sell at a record-breaking pace, with 511,000 cases having been sold in the fiscal year that ended June 30.


How A Seed Saver Discovered One Of Our Favorite Tomatoes

At the farmers market this time of year, tomatoes are strutting their stuff in all sorts of glorious and quirky colors: green striped, white, pink, purplish-brown. Consumers have seed savers and amateur breeders to thank for discovering and sharing some of these heirloom varieties, like the Cherokee Purple.
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D.C. And Virginia Are Tops For Oenophiles, Maryland Not So Much

D.C. and Virginia's laws make buying wine easy for consumers, while Maryland's restrictions make it more complicated.


Heard It Through The Grapevine: Raisin Grower Goes Rogue

In this "Planet Money" report, we learn about a man many call an outlaw. His crime? Growing raisins and then selling them all. For the last 10 years, he's violated the law and gone against the Raisin Administrative Committee.

Listeria Outbreak Still Haunts Colorado's Cantaloupe Growers

The contaminated fruit that killed 33 people and sickened at least 147 others in 2011 came from a farm 90 miles from Rocky Ford, Colo. But the town's many melon farmers took a huge hit nonetheless, and are still trying to convince the public their cantaloupes are safe.

In Iraq, Laying Claim To The Kebab

The Iraqis, among many other Middle Easterners, believe they invented the kebab. The skewered meat dish appears as early as the 9th century in a book from the southern city of Basra called The Book of Misers.

Chipotle Is Keeping Its Meat Antibiotic-Free After All

Chipotle isn't changing its ban on meat raised with antibiotics after all, despite headlines to the contrary, a spokesman for the Mexican-fast-food chain tells NPR. According to an official statement from Chipotle, the chain's antibiotic ban still stands. For now.
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The All-American Burger

For many Americans, summer means afternoons spent tending burgers on the grill. The iconic food has long been ubiquitous in our culture, but a new burst of "better burger" chains has infused energy into the familiar meal.