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Charlie Trotter, Famous Chicago Chef, Has Died At 54

Famous for his quest to fill three daily tasting menus with innovative dishes, Trotter helped bring a new dimension to fine dining in Chicago and beyond when he opened his restaurant in 1987.

For Mind And Body: Study Finds Mediterranean Diet Boosts Both

A new study finds that women who followed a Mediterranean style of eating in their 50s were about 40 percent more likely to reach the later decades without developing chronic diseases and memory or physical problems, compared to women who didn't eat as well.

L.A. Food Truck King Tells His Story One Recipe At A Time

Roy Choi changed the food truck fad forever when he and his friend started selling Korean barbecue tacos outside clubs in Los Angeles. He talks about his life and his food truck foundations in his new book, L.A. Son: My Life, My City, My Food.

How To Levitate A Sandwich: 'Modern Cuisine' Spills Photo Secrets

A ham and cheese sandwich floats in midair. A Weber grill is sliced in half to expose a burger sizzling inside. The Photography of Modern Cuisine is both a visual feast and a practical guide to food photography.

Why Are Pig Farmers Still Using Growth-Promoting Drugs?

There's a curious twist in the contentious debate over feeding antibiotics to animals in order to make them grow faster. Evidence suggests using antibiotics for growth promotion, at least among pigs, doesn't even make economic sense. But some pork producers don't believe it.

Sandwich Monday: Pumpkin Spice Eggo Waffles

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try two pumpkin spice flavors. We sample the new Eggo Pumpkin Spice Waffle, and cleanse our palates with the classic Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

To Stave Off Decline, Churches Attract New Members With Beer

As a way to bring new people to the chuch, a few mainline churches are experimenting with informal services centered around craft beer. The result is not sloshed congregants; rather, it's an attempt to do church differently.

5 Things You Might Not Have Known About God And Beer

What do ancient Sumerians, Paulaner monks, Arthur Guinness and a whole bunch of party-hardy millennials have in common? Pairing beer with God.

Mash Donalds? Iranians Copy American Fast-Food Brands

If you wander through the streets of Tehran, you might find that faux McDonald's, or maybe a Pizza Hat. The rise of the "fake franchise" caught the attention of Iranian-American Holly Dagres, a Middle East analyst and commentator, who says some of these eateries "look like the real deal."

Kraft Dims Artificial Orange Glow Of Its Mac And Cheese

Kraft will produce mac and cheese without artificial dyes, the food-processing giant says. But the change affects only a line marketed specifically for children. Aficionados will still be able to purchase the luridly orange "original" version. A petition had asked Kraft to remove dyes from all mac and cheese products.