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Sandwich Monday: Breakfast In A Tin

This week, we try a British delicacy: All Day Breakfast in a can. We may be using the word delicacy incorrectly.

Beyond Almonds: A Rogue's Gallery of Guzzlers In California's Drought

California is parched. Wells are running dry. Vegetable fields have been left fallow and lawns are dying. Who can we blame? From almonds to politicians to cheap water, here are seven candidates.

The Winds Of Zanzibar Blow Just Right For Spices

From the Spice Island of Zanzibar, a fresh look at three familiar spices, so common they might be flavoring your morning cup of coffee. This story first aired March 25 on Morning Edition.

Adventures In Vietnam — Street Food, Love And Taking Chances

Journalist Graham Holliday moved to Vietnam in the '90s and immersed himself in the culture through food. That meant getting "a little bit" poisoned, finding the best Bún chả — and meeting his wife.

Eating To Break 100: Longevity Diet Tips From The Blue Zones

The centenarians living in Blue Zones aren't drinking Ensure or eating chocolate ice cream. Instead, many are drinking wine, and all are eating beans. But living to 100 isn't just about diet.

Lunch, Not Landfill: Nonprofit Rescues Produce Rejected At U.S. Border

Each year, millions of pounds of Mexican produce are rejected just past the border even though it's tasty and edible. Instead of the landfill, it's now going to needy families across the U.S.

Cooking With Emoji: We're Taking Eggplant Back From The Bros

The eggplant emoji has become a favorite of salacious sexters. To rescue its sullied rep, we turn to our emoji keyboards and conjure up recipes to highlight the fruit's, ahem, culinary attributes.

Is It Time For A Warning Label On Sugar-Loaded Drinks?

New legislation in California and New York proposes a label for sugary beverages. The label looks like the warning on cigarette packages, but the beverage industry has called it "misleading."

Sabra Hummus Announces A Recall Over Listeria Fears

The national recall covers several products with a "best by" date of May 11 or May 15. The products are predominantly the "Classic" variety of the hummus, in a range of sizes.
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'Cooking With Love' For Anacostia Residents At Mama's Pizza Kitchen

When Mama's Pizza Kitchen opened in Anacostia in 2012, the first thing the owners did was remove the security grates and protective glass that separated them from their customers.