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The Secret To Georgian Grilled Meats? Grapevines And Lots Of Wine

The Republic of Georgia is renowned for its cuisine, one of the highlights of which is shashlik, or grilled meat. The secret to seal in the juices, some say, is an ancient technique of grilling over burning grapevines to create intense, fragrant heat.

In Argentina, Coca-Cola Tests Market For 'Green' Coke

Argentina is the site of the global kickoff of what Coke is describing as a "natural" and "green" lower-calorie cola. Coca-Cola Life contains stevia instead of sugar, and comes in a bottle that's made partially from plants.

55 Customers Pay For Next Car's Order At Mass. Doughnut Shop

It was a doughnut domino effect as folks chose to "pay it forward" by paying for the car behind. At a Canadian shop more than 200 customers did the same thing. Is this becoming a trend?

Sandwich Monday: The Burger King Veggie Burger

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try the veggie burger at Burger King. Finally, vegetarians can eat with their friends at BK, rather than constantly finding new friends.

The Dog Days Of Summer Lead Drinkers To Shandy

A beer-cocktail combo popular in 19th century England is seeing a global revival. Shandies are tasty, fruity and practically scream summertime. They're also lower in alcohol than a regular beer, which makes them more appealing as governments tighten rules on drinking and driving.

Homemade Bitters Put The Local Bite Back Into Cocktails

From Prohibition until just a few years ago, almost every bartender in the country relied on just one brand of bitters. But now some are rediscovering old recipes for these bittersweet infusions.

Crazy For Cronuts: Picking Apart The Tasty Trend

The cronut, a croissant-doughnut hybrid, has skyrocketed ever since Dominique Ansel started selling it at his New York City bakery this spring. Patrons line up for hours, and scalpers have jacked up the price exponentially.

A Summery Spread That's As Cool As A Cucumber

It's summertime and cucumbers are abundant. If you don't feel like making pickles, why not try Benedictine? This blend of cream cheese, cucumber juice and onion is a Kentucky classic, dating back a century to a Louisville tearoom.

Micro-Garden Madness: You Showed Us Your Stuff

Earlier this week we told you about people who want to see micro-gardening go big. We've chosen a few of our favorite images of micro-gardens from around the country that make the most of small spaces and idle containers.
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Understanding Your Taste Buds

Do you like salty or sweet? The answer is in your genes. We explore the science -- physical and culinary -- behind our sense of taste and why each of us prefers different flavors.