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From Down Under, A Paprikash To Warm You All Over

Cold weather means "Mum's Rice Paprikash" for Merelyn Chalmers, a member of The Monday Morning Cooking Club. The club is dedicated to preserving recipes from Sydney's Jewish community. For our Found Recipes series, Chalmers shares the dish that she considers the ultimate comfort food.
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Mark Furstenberg Prepares For New Adventure in Baking With 'Bread Furst'

Baker Mark Furstenberg is often credited with bringing good bread to D.C. Now he's set to launch a new business at age 75.


Turns Out The Ancient Greeks Were Quite The Grill Masters

For a long time, archaeologists weren't sure what to make of the cookware excavated at ancient Mycenaean ruins in Greece. That is, until one researcher built replicas of the vessels to try to cook just like the Mycenaeans did.

An Innovative Plan To Reel In Sport Fishermen To Feed The Hungry

Fish is an important part of a healthful diet, but it can be hard to come by for groups that feed the hungry. A brand-new scheme being launched this week in Maine aims to change that, by getting the state's many sport fishermen to donate catch that would otherwise be discarded.

Small-Batch Distilleries Ride The Craft Liquor Wave

Bacardi, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker have some new competition these days. There's been a surge in the number of craft distilleries in the U.S. over the past few years, as more mom and pop entrepreneurs are making liquor for local customers.

Should Farmers Give John Deere And Monsanto Their Data?

Farmers can now deliver data from their fields, minute by minute, to big agribusiness companies like Monsanto or John Deere. Those companies promise to use the data to help farmers make money. But some farmers worry that it could threaten their privacy and give the big companies too much power.

Long John Silver's Throws Trans Fats Overboard

Last year, the fast-food chain earned the dubious distinction from a health watchdog group of serving "America's worst restaurant meal." Now, Long John Silver's is winning praise for removing all trans fats from its menu.

More Signs A Mediterranean Diet Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Ills

A study found that people on the diet, which is rich in nuts and olive oil, had a lower risk of developing peripheral artery disease than people on a low-fat diet. The research helps build the case that a Mediterranean diet can help prevent a wide range of cardiovascular diseases.

Whole Foods Bans Produce Grown With Sludge. But Who Wins?

Whole Foods recently decided it would not buy produce from farmers who used treated sewage sludge, also known as biosolids, on their fields. But scientists say this is a mistake — the material is safe and benefits the environment in lots of different ways.
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Animal Welfare And The Food We Eat

Two pork producers say they'll improve treatment of their hogs and sows in a move that's been applauded by animal welfare groups. We explore animal welfare and the food we eat.