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4 Foods Americans Don't Eat Much Anymore

Open a cookbook from the Gilded Age, and you just might be surprised by what our forebears passed around the table.


In The Upper Midwest, Summertime Means Fish Boils

Scandinavian immigrants developed an ingenious way to feed large groups of people on the cheap: fish boils. More than 100 years later, the tradition — and the spectacle — lives on.

Were Carbs A Brain Food For Our Ancient Ancestors?

Once ancient humans learned to cook, starchy foods could have given them a calorie bump that fueled the evolution of the human brain, British researchers argue in a new paper.

Guzzling 9,000 Years Of History With 'The Comic Book Story Of Beer'

A new illustrated history explores beer's journey from the cradle of agriculture, to the rise and fall of Ancient Rome, to the modern-day craft beer heyday.
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D.C.'s Salvadoran Foodies Elevating Their Country's Tasty Fare

Tens of thousands of Salvadoran immigrants have made their way to the D.C. area since their country's bloody civil war decades ago, and many are now applying classical techniques to elevate their native cuisine.


Equal Parts Memoir, Cookbook And Lit-Crit, 'Voracious' Tells Delicious Stories

Through recipes and biographical vignettes, author Cara Nicoletti's new book brings literature to life. Nicoletti tells NPR's Rachel Martin that food has always been part of her reading.

Canada's Historical Fare Reimagined For The Modern Diner

A restaurant in Toronto dives deep into centuries-old recipes to re-imagine what native Canadian cuisine means. It's part of a movement among chefs exploring heritage and identity through food.

A Muscle Drug For Pigs Comes Out Of The Shadows

The USDA is allowing a pork retailer, for the first time, to label products as raised with "no ractopamine." It may lead to pressure on farmers to stop using the muscle-promoting drug.

Restaurants Feed New Orleans' Recovery: 'I Knew I Had To Come Back'

After Hurricane Katrina wiped out the city 10 years ago, locals fought hard to preserve their deep-rooted cuisine. But devastation also brought opportunities for more experimental eateries to move in.

Party Of 1: We Are Eating A Lot Of Meals Alone

We've never been more connected as a society: tweeting, texting, vining. But when it comes to eating, more of us are going solo. And even when we do have table companions, we may be tuning them out.