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A Tale Of Two Cookies: The Brass Sisters' Shortbread

Cookie-baking season is not complete without an offering from sisters Sheila and Marilynn Brass. The two Massachusetts recipe collectors recall the special holiday shortbread cookies they'd have as children when their Jewish family would go to the house of their Catholic friends, the Sullivans.

The Hills Were Alive With The Sound Of DiGiorno Pizza Last Night

The funny live tweets coming from frozen supermarket pizza giant @DiGiornoPizza were a tasty highlight of the Sound of Music Live broadcast on NBC. Bad puns, silly lyric changes, and just plain clever comments earned the company more than 2,000 new followers in a single night.

What Separates A Healthy And Unhealthy Diet? Just $1.50 Per Day

That difference translates to about $550 a year, according to a new meta-analysis of studies evaluating the retail costs of food, grouped by healthfulness. It's chump change for middle-class eaters, but a big gap for low-income families. Researchers say that's a problem that can be solved.

Paneer Pizza: Domino's Sees India Becoming Second-Largest Market

India is poised to supplant Britain as the chain's largest market outside the U.S., Domino's Pizza CEO J. Patrick Doyle says. The company's Indian menu emphasizes vegetarian options and boosts the food's spiciness.

Meat And Booze With A Side Of Still Life: American Painters On Food

Food as a symbol of politics, diet, gender roles, technology, isolation, gluttony and blatant commercialism has been with us for ages and in many forms. A massive exhibit explores how American artists, from Pilgrim times to Andy Warhol, used paintings of food to shape and reflect our national identity.

What's For Dinner? Try Brazilian

Brazilian food used to be treated as the poor cousin of the more renowned European cuisines. But not anymore. Brazilian food is having its moment in the sun. And chefs think that with the World Cup and the Olympics coming, it's going to get even bigger.

Fast-Food Workers Cry Poverty Wages As McDonald's Buys Luxury Jet

Thousands of restaurant workers protested Thursday in cities around the country, calling for an increase in wages to $15 an hour. Many fast-food workers make so little that they rely on public assistance to get by, even as profits at many franchises have nearly doubled in recent years. But not everyone agrees that raising the minimum wage will fix the problem.
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Chicken Fingers Being Replaced By Salad Bars At Some D.C. Schools

Seven salad bars in D.C. public schools will offer 2,300 students the chances to make healthy food choices at lunch.

'King Cocktail' Serves Up Prohibition History, Hangover Cure

Prohibition ended 80 years ago today. To mark the occasion, Dale DeGroff, the man many credit with reviving the art of the cocktail, joins NPR to talk about the era's lasting effect on American life, current trends in bartending, and to share a few of his favorite recipes.

Make The Punch Bowl Your Holiday Party Centerpiece

Renee Montagne talks to Julia Reed, a contributor to the southern-lifestyle magazine Garden & Gun about how to keep spirits up at your holiday party by putting the right stuff in your punch bowl.