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Your Nose Knows Which Foods Are Fattiest

Low-fat ice cream just won't cut it for you? Maybe it's your nose telling you it's not the real deal. Researchers have found that people can actually smell differences in dietary fat in food. It's an ability that might have helped our ancestors find the best foods to survive on.

Grade Inflation In The Maple Syrup Aisle: Now Everything Is An 'A'

If you like richer, darker, more intense maple syrup, you should pick Grade B. But the idea that B beats A seems counter-intuitive to lots of consumers who are just looking for something sweet to pour on their morning pancakes. So the syrup industry has revamped its grading system.

Meet The Cronut's Humble Offspring: The Doughscuit!

The Cronut is old news. A Chicago restaurant offers the latest doughnut hybridization: an impossible mix of doughnut-fried sweetness and crumbly biscuitness.

A Milk Mystery: Did Gloomy Weather Make Us Love The Stuff?

The latest twist in this evolutionary whodunnit has us questioning whether the lack of vitamin D from the sun played any role in our complicated, sometimes dangerous, love affair with milk. New DNA analysis of ancient farmers from sunny Spain suggests that this theory may have gone sour.

Frogs And Puffins! 1730s Menus Reveal Royals Were Extreme Foodies

A rare collection of menus detailing the meals served to King George II and his queen contain plenty to offend our modern, squeamish sensibilities. But the manuscript, which sold at auction Wednesday, also reflects bigger shifts afoot in how food was sourced and prepared. The result? Tastier British cuisine.

Farm Bill Charts New Course For Nation's Farmers

The House on Wednesday approved a five-year compromise farm, signalling perhaps the final stretch for a two-year legislative battle. Because so much of the spending in the measure depends on enrollment in programs like food stamps, it's hard to know if it will save taxpayers money.

Food Stamp Cuts, Cold Weather Put Extra Strain On Food Pantries

Food pantries are bracing for higher demand from their communities in the coming weeks. National hunger organizations say the best way to help is to give money to local food banks and pantries instead of donating food.

Illinois Train Conductor's Challenge: Keep The Beer From Freezing

In extreme cold, beer is particularly vulnerable when it's waiting to go into "the beer house." The bottles and cans are fairly safe as long as the cars they're in are kept moving, a train conductor says.

Sushi Chefs Aren't Feeling California's New Glove Law

The new law aimed at improving food safety requires chefs and others who handle raw food in restaurants to wear gloves. Sushi chefs say it takes the feel out of hands-on sushi.

FDA Found Drugs Used In Food Animals To Be 'High Risk'

Documents show that Food and Drug Administration scientists allowed 18 drugs to be sold to farmers despite a risk to human health. Critics say the agency now needs to get companies to commit to phasing out the drugs given to animals at low doses to make them grow faster.