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Menu Site Makes It Easy To Compare Restaurant Fat Stats

MenuStat, a site launched by the New York City Health Department, aggregates detailed nutritional information about menu items at the nation's largest restaurants. The department hopes it will encourage consumers to choose healthier items on the menu.
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Hanukkah And Thanksgiving, A Culinary Convergence

We explore the once-in-a-lifetime culinary convergence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving, popularly known as "Thanksgivukkah." From cranberry babka to turkey stuffed with challah, he'll find out how you can deliciously combine foods from both traditions for your holiday table.


How Coffee, Citrus And Nuts Help Cut The Risk Of Diabetes

Drinking two or more cups of coffee per day was associated with a 12 percent decreased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, according to fresh research. But man cannot live on coffee alone. Luckily, other foods may also help decrease the risk of the disease — or help those already diagnosed to manage the condition.

Where Does General Tso Chicken Actually Come From?

Journalist Jennifer 8. Lee talks about her hunt for the origins of familiar Chinese-American dishes — exploring the hidden spots where these two cultures have combined to form a new cuisine.

Philippines Disaster Rekindles Fight Over Food Aid Reform

The Philippine disaster is an example why it increasingly makes sense to buy food close to where its needed rather than ship it across the globe. Most U.S. food aid, though, travels to hotspots from U.S. ports. Critics say that wastes time and money.

What's The Most Important Thing Food Labels Should Tell Us?

Food labels have become battlegrounds. Government regulators, companies and food movement activists have been fighting over what belongs on the label. (GMOs? Trans fats? Claims that bran prevents heart disease?) We asked four big thinkers for their dream food label.

A Quest For The Perfect Quince Paste Yields A Great Sauce

The hard yet fragrant quince cannot be eaten raw, but makes a delicious sauce when cooked down and spiced up. Tammy Donroe Inman, the author of the cookbook Wintersweet, shares her quest for a quince paste recipe — a quest that lead her instead to develop a recipe for a quince sauce.

Philadelphia Children's Hospital Bars Herbs And Supplements

The hospital says it can't guarantee the supplements' safety because of lax regulations. The Food and Drug Administration does not routinely review the manufacturing of dietary supplements, which calls their safety and effectiveness into question, doctors say.

It's National Indian Pudding Day! Here's Why You Should Celebrate

Indian pudding, the traditional New England dessert, is rich in both history and flavor. It's made by combining cornmeal and milk with molasses. Food historians say it's one of the first truly American recipes.

Could Hunger Make Us More Charitable?

Hunger can make many people "hangry," or irritable. But new research suggests that we may have another, innate response to hunger: a desire to help others in need.