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Trader Joe's Caught In Sticky Lawsuit Over Peanut Butter Pretzels

Creating the salty-sweet snack was a bit of a technological marvel. And the company that claims to have invented it says Trader Joe's has unfairly cut it out of the pretzel marketplace.

USDA Tells Schools: Don't Refuse Food To Students Who Owe

The agency responds to a January incident in which a Utah elementary school served students food – and threw it away when their accounts were found to have a negative balance.

'Piglet Smoothie' Fed To Sows To Prevent Disease; Activists Outraged

Undercover footage shows a hog farm feeding sows ground-up piglets that succumbed to a deadly virus. Veterinarians say it's the only method they have to protect herds against a fast-spreading disease.

Festive In Purple, This Pasta's Got A Sweet Side

Food writer Julia della Croce got quite a surprise when she discovered a purple variety of sweet potato at the market — and her signature Italian dumplings got a kick of color.

The System Supplying America's Chickens Pits Farmer Vs. Farmer

Most of the nation's chicken meat is grown by contract farmers who get ranked against each other when it's time to get paid. Critics say someone always ends up losing — and, too often, deep in debt.

Americans Want Antibiotic-Free Chicken, And The Industry Is Listening

Chick-fil-A's plan to ditch antibiotics in its birds is part of a small but growing trend. Driving the growth is concern about the risks associated with routine use of antibiotics in farm animals.

World's Largest Oyster Is Size Of A Man's Shoe

At nearly 14 inches long, a mammoth mollusk is still alive and growing, says the biologist who found it in Denmark. The oyster is roughly comparable to a size 11 shoe.

Is Tyson Foods' Chicken Empire A 'Meat Racket'?

A new book argues that Tyson's system treats farmers like "modern-day sharecroppers." Author Christopher Leonard looks at Tyson's inner workings and the not-so-independent farmers who raise the birds.

Justice Scalia And Jon Stewart Concur Chicago Pizza Isn't Pizza

This weekend, the conservative justice weighed in from Chicago on a national pizza controversy. For months, Stewart and Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel have been dueling over whether Chicago's deep-dish style constitutes pizza.

Order Up! Food Businesses Find An Appetite For Bitcoin

From a Subway sandwich shop to a Peruvian chicken food truck, customers have a growing number of options for satisfying their hunger with bitcoins. For food vendors, accepting the virtual currency offers substantial financial benefits — and risks, too.