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Refugees Plant The Seeds Of A New Community In Kansas City

A farming education program aims to help people fleeing violence and persecution establish new roots — figuratively and literally.

Facing A Shaky Future, Nebraska Family Farm Ponders A Renaissance

Even as the American agricultural industry is dominated by big operations, small family farms like the Jantzens' wonder what's next. So Katie, the family's eldest daughter, is eyeing a reinvention.

Going There: Food, Farming And Health

Michel Martin went to Kansas City, Mo., this week to talk about food and health with organic farmer Linda Hezel, hybrid farmer Chris Boeckmann and Missouri Farm Bureau president Blake Hurst.

Why Hunting Down 'Authentic Ethnic Food' Is A Loaded Proposition

In a new book, an NYU scholar explores how immigrants shape the American palate. He says it's time to ditch the phrase "ethnic food" — which lumps all nonwhite people and their cuisines together.

Philly Wants To Tax Soda To Raise Money For Schools

Philadelphia's mayor is proposing a divisive tax on soda and other sugary drinks. The revenue would help fund a plan for community preschools, as well as renovations to parks and libraries.

From India To North Korea, Via Japan: Curry's Global Journey

From British colonials who fell in love with "curry powder" in India, to Koreans who encountered the taste in Imperial Japan, the story of curry is one of globalization writ on a dish.

Is Samoa's Obesity Epidemic A Harbinger For Other Developing Nations?

Obesity and Type 2 diabetes are becoming more common all over the world. But the tiny Samoan islands now have the highest rates. An epidemiologist blames changes in diet brought on by globalization.

For Some Asian-Americans, Calvin Trillin's Chinese Food Poem Is Unappetizing

A satirical poem in The New Yorker about Chinese food in the U.S. has left many Asian-American writers with a bad taste in their mouths.

Tiny Forage Fish At Bottom Of Marine Food Web Get New Protections

Demand for sardines and other small species has exploded, with many being used as feed for livestock and fish farming. New rules aim to protect these species from overfishing off the U.S. West Coast.
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The Struggle To Eat Out East Of The Anacostia

For decades, Anacostia has struggled to attract and retain eateries that weren't carry-out or fast food chains. But innovative restaurateurs are slowly changing the food scene east of the Anacostia River. We explore the changes.