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Italy, Land Of Pizza And Pasta, Is Gluten-Free Friendly

Only 1 percent of Italians have celiac disease, similar to the rest of the world. But since gluten is everywhere, there's high public awareness about it and more than 4,000 gluten-free eateries.

Russia's War On Western Food: Detaining Cheese, Crushing Frozen Geese

Russian authorities have smashed, burned and buried more than 900 tons of allegedly contraband food. In a country that once suffered famine, many are deeply distressed to see food destroyed.

This Is Not A Parody: An NPR Story About Homemade Vegetable Broth

Yeah, we know, it sounds like a joke. But Cuban-born chef Bren Hererra's method totally won us over. Her secret? Don't throw anything out.

Eating Healthy At The Iowa State Fair Means Salad On A Stick

A rite of passage at an Iowa State Fair awash with deep-fried Oreos and foot-long corndogs is trying food on a stick. And it's an uphill road for those pushing healthy choices — or even a balance.

Rethinking Breakfast: What We Eat May Trump When We Eat

A lot of American adults aren't sitting down to breakfast anymore — they're eating on the go. And what we eat in the morning is likely more important than when we eat it.

Food Waste And Beef Fat Will Be Making Airplanes Soar

Biofuel producers are teaming up with farms, meatpackers and waste management companies to tap the gassy waste on farms to make renewable jet fuel and diesel for vehicles.

At Farm To Ballet, Watch Vermont's Cows And Tomatoes Do Arabesques

A dance troupe is performing the story of a Vermont farm from spring to fall, told through reinterpretations of classical choreography.

So Long, Big Mac: Cleveland Clinic Ousts McDonald's From Cafeteria

To encourage healthy eating, Cleveland Clinic will no longer tempt employees, patients and visitors to its cafeteria with McDonald's burgers and fries. The fast-food chain's lease isn't being renewed.

In Search Of A Drought Strategy, California Looks Down Under

Australia suffered through a truly epic drought, and it survived. But some of Australia's solutions — like a free market for water — may be too radical for the Golden State.
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Women And Sustainable Farming

pOn Food Wednesday, we explore the ways our agricultural system has become unsustainable and unethical, and why the growing number of female farmers may be part of the solution./p