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Cooking With Disabilities: An Exercise In Creative Problem Solving

In a perfect world, everyone with a physical disability would have a kitchen fully adapted to their needs. But such remodels can be pricey. In many cases, small DIY-solutions help keep people cooking.

Grand Theft Vino: Higher Wine Prices Are Attracting More Thieves

Wine theft is on the upswing — particularly of very high-end, irreplaceable bottles. Some restaurants and wineries have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of wine in a single heist.

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American History Through A Beer Glass

We explore the annals of American history through the prism of one of its most treasured pastimes: brewing and drinking beer.


Can Beck's Be Labeled 'German' If It's Brewed In St. Louis? No, Judge Agrees

When is a German beer not actually German? When it's brewed in St. Louis by Anheuser-Busch. A settlement was approved Tuesday in a class-action lawsuit over Beck's packaging.

Subway Joins The Fast-Food, Antibiotic-Free Meat Club

The chain says it will shift to buying only meat from animals that weren't fed antibiotics. It's set to serve antibiotic-free poultry by the end of next year, but beef and pork may take until 2025.

As Schools Buy More Local Food, Kids Throw Less Food In The Trash

Kids in America's schools are eating more local food, although it makes up only a small part of the average meal. Advocates say local food doesn't have to cost more, but buying it does take more time.


'Farm To Air'? Why JetBlue Is Farming At A New York Airport

JetBlue is growing produce right outside its terminal at JFK International. It's the first airline to build an urban farm at a U.S. airport. But will passengers ever get to harvest or eat the food?

What's Funny About The Business Of Monkeys Picking Coconuts?

Animal advocates were outraged after discovering videos of leashed monkeys picking coconuts in Thailand. But monkey trainers and scientists say it's common practice and doesn't count as abuse.

Survey: Half Of Food Workers Go To Work Sick Because They Have To

Sick food workers who go to work say they can't afford to stay home or don't want to let their co-workers down, a survey finds. That puts consumers at risk of getting sick from contaminated food.


Behind The Founding Foodie, A French-Trained Chef Bound By Slavery

James Hemings, Thomas Jefferson's chef, had skills surpassing any other American cook of his era. Training in Paris, he glimpsed a world where black men were free — and respected. Then he came home.