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Mysterious Kidney Disease Slays Farmworkers In Central America

One community has lost so many men that it's now called the Island of Widows. Researchers are struggling to figure out the cause of the disease. Some suspect a popular herbicide.

In This Turkish Town, Liver (And Olive Oil Wrestling) Are King

Spring in Edirne means the annual Liver Festival, where locals feast on the fried livers of lambs that grazed on nearby plains. It's just the thing to get you through a long day of oil wrestling.

A Cookbook Map Reveals What's Hot In American Regional Cuisine

Amazon Books has curated an interactive map that shows who's invigorating regional cooking. And there are some surprises: Texas is moving beyond barbecue, while charcuterie is cool in California.

What's The Secret To Pouring Ketchup? Know Your Physics

Many restaurants still serve ketchup in glass bottles, but they make it hard to get the right amount onto your plate. A video explains how the problem lies with the physics of the condiment itself.

Sandwich Monday: The Poutine Burger

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try a poutine burger from the Chicago restaurant Spritzburger. It's the best of Canada on top of the best of America.

Got Gas? It Could Mean You've Got Healthy Gut Microbes

Passing gas, in some instances, may be a sign that you're kicking your gut microbes into action. And that means they can help keep you healthy, says one scientist.

Fire-Setting Ranchers Have Burning Desire To Save Tallgrass Prairie

In eastern Kansas, ranchers burn the prairie every spring to bring back grass for grazing cattle. Environmentalists celebrate those fires because without them the delicate ecosystem would disappear.

African Food With A Twist: Dakar Pop-Up Restaurant Raises The Bar

Three chefs in Senegal are helping put West Africa on the culinary map. They move their monthly pop-up restaurant around Dakar, introducing diners to new takes on familiar ingredients like the peanut.
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"A Farm Dies Once a Year"

Arlo Crawford grew up on New Morning Farm in Pennsylvania, which has been selling organic vegetables at in the District since the 1970s. The year he was 31, Crawford took a break from his job and returned to the farm for a growing season...


Rum Renaissance Revives The Spirit's Rough Reputation

The official cheap liquor of spring breakers is becoming something much more sophisticated. And South Florida has become ground zero for the rum revolution.