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Spaniards Snap Up Holiday Hams, Even After Cancer Warning

Ham is the most popular family gift at Christmastime in Spain. And some Spaniards are feeling defiant after the World Health Organization's warning that processed meats are linked to cancer.

In Portland, A Boot Camp To Help Veterans Cook Healthier Food

Many veterans are either overweight or obese or suffer from diabetes. The Portland VA is trying to help veterans manage these kinds of health issues by teaching them to cook nutritious food.

From Raucous To Ritzy: A Brief History Of Christmas Tea

In some fancy hotels, Christmas tea has become a refined respite for harried shoppers. But the tradition's roots are much rowdier: efforts to fight public drunkenness.

How Did Santa Get Hooked On Cookies And Milk?

Turns out the tradition of leaving cookies and milk for Santa hasn't left much of a trail of crumbs to trace through history. But it might start with the early cookies of 13th-century Europe.
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To Find Yelp's Top Dishes In The Maryland 'Burbs, It Helps To Leave The Beaten Path

Gas station tacos, a Filipino find and more can be found in a new Top 15 list that identifies some of the best food available in suburban Maryland.


Beyond Panettone: 5 Global Christmas Breads To Nibble On

The Italian fruit bread is readily available these days. But if you want to take your palate off the well-worn path, here's a look at other holiday breads to feast on, from pan de jamon to julekake.

'Oh, Bring Us Some ... ' Wait. What Is Figgy Pudding?

It doesn't usually feature figs, and it isn't what Americans think of as a pudding. Want to try it for yourself? Be prepared for 30 minutes of prep, eight hours of cooking — and four weeks of aging.

As U.S. Bids Adieu To 'Bleu,' Not All Chefs Say It's Cream Of The Crop

Despite a thriving foodie scene, 16 Le Cordon Bleu cooking schools will soon close. Some restaurateurs say the brand's aura has unnecessarily lured grads into the field and saddled them with debt.

Perfect Pumpkin Pie: One Woman's Quest For Custard, Crust — And Glory

Great pumpkin pie is elusive. You could end up with a soggy crust or a grainy filling. For months, reporter Maanvi Singh has been on a journey to learn the art and science of the ideal pie.

Bad Poetry, Great Booze: The Story Of The Hidden Bootlegger's Manual

The book's outside cover boasted poems by a disgraced writer. But inside was page after page of handwritten recipes for alcohol — the secretly preserved know-how of a Prohibition-era doctor.