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Wake Up And Smell The Caffeine. It's A Powerful Drug

Around the world, many of us start our day with a drug derived from a natural insecticide: caffeine. Murray Carpenter tells the tale in Caffeinated: How Our Daily Habit Helps, Hurts and Hooks Us.

Water-To-Wine Machine Sound Too Good To Be True? It Is

News media were quick to report on a $499 "Miracle Machine" that could turn water into wine. The science sounded suspect to us, with good reason. The perpetrators call it a sham for charity's sake.

Who Says Food Porn Has To Be Dominated By Junk Food?

Carrots don't stand much of a chance against cronuts when it comes to tweets and Instagrams about food. The new Food Porn Index aims to change the conversation by tracking our virtual cravings.
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Bill That Would Encourage Microbreweries In Montgomery County Passes State House

Microbreweries are big business across the country, and Maryland's House passed a bill Tuesday that would make it easier to build them in Montgomery County.


Save The Escargot! Snail-Devouring Predator Rears Its Head In France

The New Guinea flatworm is a vicious little thing with an appetite for snails. Its discovery in Normandy has raised concerns about the fate of Europe's snails — and France's famed mollusk appetizer.

For A Faster-Aged Bourbon, You Need The Motion Of The Ocean

The longer bourbon ages, the richer its flavor and color. Now, an artisan Kentucky distiller is speeding up nature by sending barrels on boat journeys on the high seas. How does it work? Chemistry.
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Cathal Armstrong: "My Irish Table"

We rediscover Irish cuisine with renowned chef Cathal Armstrong, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.


Tiny Sushi Is A Big Hit At Tokyo Restaurant

The sushi is so small customers might need tweezers rather than chopsticks to eat it. That's because the sushi is made with a single grain of rice. It started out as a joke but customers loved it.

Turning Food Waste Into Fuel Takes Gumption And Trillions Of Bacteria

A Brooklyn waste treatment plant has become an unlikely lab for an ambitious effort to turn millions of tons of food scraps from New York City's apartments and restaurants into renewable energy.

What Pepsi Can Teach Us About Soft (Drink) Power In Russia

The soft drink giant is one of the few big U.S. firms with major investments in Russia. And the reasons why say a lot about why the U.S. has less leverage in Russia than it might like.