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Solved: The Mystery Of The Bearded Chickens

Hip humans aren't the only ones growing outrageous facial hair. Some chickens do, too. And now, geneticists in China have discovered the cause.

China's Dog Meat Festival Will Go On Despite Growing Protests

Thousands of dogs are slaughtered and served. It's unclear where they come from. Pressure is mounting, from abroad and from within China, to stop the event.

New Jerseyans Chew Over What To Call Their Favorite Pork Product

In North Jersey, it's called Taylor Ham, and in South Jersey, it's pork roll. The governor and Legislature are taking sides. Even President Obama brought it up during a visit to the Garden State.

FDA Guidelines Target The Sodium Hiding In Our Diets

Most of the salt we consume is in our food before it hits the table. So the FDA is leaning on the food industry to voluntarily reduce sodium in dozens of processed foods — from bakery goods to soups.
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Busboys And Poets In Anacostia: Development Or Gentrification?

Local restaurant chain Busboys and Poets will soon open in Anacostia, which suffers from a dearth of dining and shopping options-- but some within the community are decrying the opening as gentrification.


Raise A Glass To Perry, Craft Cider's Pear Cousin

Cider made from perry pears is delicious - it rivals apple cider, but is sweeter. Long revered in England and Normandy, France (Napoleon was a fan), perry is now getting its due in the U.S.

Venezuela Is Running Out Of Beer Amid Severe Economic Crisis

The country's largest beer producer, Empresas Polar, halted operations because the government restricted access to imported barley. But the president has pinned the entire food crisis on Polar.

Can Planting More Milkweed Save Monarch Butterflies? It's Complicated

Conservationists have long blamed farmers' use of pesticides for decimating the milkweed that monarch caterpillars like to eat. But scientists say simply planting more milkweed isn't the answer.

'Sweetbitter' Is A Savory Saga Of Restaurant Life And Love

Oysters, cocaine, fine wine, love triangles: Stephanie Danler's debut novel Sweetbitter follows a year in the life of a young woman working at a top-tier Manhattan restaurant.

Farmers Wait, And Wait, For Guest Workers Amid H-2A Visa Delays

For the third year in a row, the H-2A visa program is running behind. That's left farmers waiting for planters and pickers even as the harvest season is well underway.