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After Sandy, Katrina And Sept. 11, This Sculptor Finds Art In Survival

Christopher Saucedo lost a brother in the twin towers, and two of his houses were flooded in the storms. He says he hopes his art shows people what it means to lose and how we manage to survive.

Artist Kehinde Wiley Mixes Modern Figures With Old European Art Traditions

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Wiley about his latest exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, "A New Republic." This story originally aired on May 22, 2015, on All Things Considered.
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Taking Great Photos On Vacation Or "Staycation" (Rebroadcast)

Professional photographers give us the latest on cameras, smart phones and shooting tips for great vacation photos this summer -- and every day.


How Fishermen's Bragging Rights Gave Birth To Fine Art

In 19th century Japan, fishermen found a foolproof way to record trophy catches: a "fish rubbing" inked onto paper, creating a permanent record of their size. Gyotaku soon evolved into fine art.

Peek Inside The 'Little Black Books' Of Some Famous American Artists

Mary Savig, curator at the Archives of American Art in Washington, D.C., says the contact lists reveal a lot about the artists' personal and professional networks.

VIDEO: 12-Year-Old Boy Trips, Rips Hole In $1.5 Million Painting

It is every parent's nightmare. Luckily the 350-year-old Paolo Porpora oil on canvas was insured, and the boy's family will not have to pay for the restoration.

Durand-Ruel: The Art Dealer Who Liked Impressionists Before They Were Cool

Parisian art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel acquired some 5,000 impressionist works long before others were buying them. Claude Monet said he and his artist friends "would have died of hunger" without him.

After Katrina, New Artists Found Inspiration In A Recovering City

At New Orleans exhibits commemorating the 10th anniversary of the hurricane, NPR's Neda Ulaby found three artists who said they wouldn't have become artists if it hadn't been for the storm.

People Love Art Museums — But Has The Art Itself Become Irrelevant?

Don't be fooled by museums' strong attendance numbers, says professor Michael Lewis. He argues today's art world is a Potemkin village, whose gleaming facades mask an indifference for the art itself.

Muslim Feminists Rewrite Boundaries On The Street And At Home

Mona Eltahawy says as a female in Saudi Arabia you have two options: "To lose your mind or become a feminist." Rafia Zakaria says it's crucial to reclaim the identity of the modern Muslim woman.