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After Katrina, New Artists Found Inspiration In A Recovering City

At New Orleans exhibits commemorating the 10th anniversary of the hurricane, NPR's Neda Ulaby found three artists who said they wouldn't have become artists if it hadn't been for the storm.

People Love Art Museums — But Has The Art Itself Become Irrelevant?

Don't be fooled by museums' strong attendance numbers, says professor Michael Lewis. He argues today's art world is a Potemkin village, whose gleaming facades mask an indifference for the art itself.

Muslim Feminists Rewrite Boundaries On The Street And At Home

Mona Eltahawy says as a female in Saudi Arabia you have two options: "To lose your mind or become a feminist." Rafia Zakaria says it's crucial to reclaim the identity of the modern Muslim woman.

The Anxious Art Of Japanese Painter (And 'Enemy Alien') Yasuo Kuniyoshi

After moving to the U.S. in 1906, Kuniyoshi became a prize-winning artist. But with World War II, things changed. "When he walked down the street," says one curator, "he looked like the enemy."

A Picasso, A Yacht And A Dollop Of International Intrigue

A Spanish billionaire had the painting on his yacht, but wanted to sell it in Europe. Spanish authorities intervened, calling the Picasso a "national treasure" that can't be sold abroad.

Forget The Wreckage: Museums' Katrina Shows Look At How City Has Moved On

As the 10th anniversary of the hurricane's landfall approaches, art museums across New Orleans focus on how the city sees itself today. In other words, no ruins and no people trapped on roofs.

Video Shows Unauthorized Visitor One Night Before Museum Theft

Investigators have just released old surveillance video of the Boston Isabella Stewart Gardner museum in 1990, just before it was robbed of $500 million in art. They're asking the public for help.

How A Candy Magnate Helped Bring A Holy Collection Home

In 2008, the Brinton Museum was on life support. But an unlikely benefactor stepped in to save it, funding its revival as the home to a historic — and willingly given — collection of Crow artifacts.
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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, Aug. 5, 2015

You can see a new musical about a young man who lies to get what he always wanted or an exhibit where local artists present new work.


Opulent And Apolitical: The Art Of The Met's Islamic Galleries

Navina Haidar, an Islamic art curator at the Met, says she isn't interested in ideology: "The only place where we allow ourselves any passion is in the artistic joy ... of something that's beautiful."