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Will This 'David' Go Under Cover?

An important vote is expected soon in Russia. St. Petersburg residents will decide on dressing a 16-foot replica of Michelangelo's David. A woman complained the naked statue "warps children's souls."
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D.C. Prepares To Draft A Sweeping 'Cultural Plan' For The City

Can the arts become a bigger part of the overall development agenda for the nation's capital? D.C.'s government and insiders from its arts community want to make the city more attractive to creative people and industries — and they're working on an official plan for it.


#FoodPorn, Circa 1600s: Then And Now, It Was More About Status Than Appetite

A new study of old masters finds that capturing and showing off decadent and expensive meals is a decidedly old-fashioned practice. Like today's Instagrammers, it was all about projecting an image.

Models From Norman Rockwell's Paintings Reunite

On the 100th anniversary of Norman Rockwell's first Saturday Evening Post cover, several of the children seen in his iconic portraits gathered at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Robert Irwin Brings 'Big' To Texas With Permanent Art Installation

The 87-year-old conceptual artist unveils a large-scale installation of his work in Marfa, Texas, this week. He's spent his career creating site-specific art that often treats light as its subject.

To Rebrand Itself, Greece Digs Deep Into Its Cultural DNA

The news out of Greece has been terrible. But with a large new exhibition of ancient artifacts at Washington, D.C.'s National Geographic Museum, the Greek government is trying an image reboot.

Met's 'Unfinished' Exhibit Offers A Glimpse Of The Artistic Mind At Work

The inaugural show at the Metropolitan Museum's Met Breuer branch raises the question of what makes a finished work of art. Critic Lloyd Schwartz calls it "an astonishing gathering of masterpieces."

Dalí Provides A Surrealist Shot In The Arm For A Fading Monterey Museum

A huge collection of Salvador Dalí's art is now open in a former history museum in Monterey, Calif. It's the work of real estate mogul Dmitry Piterman, who has amassed more than 570 Dalí pieces.

At LA's MOCA, A Celebrated Chef Serves Up Dinner As Art Installation

Craig Thornton is behind some of the most coveted meal reservations in LA. For the past five months, he's been melding dining, sculpture and taxidermy at the city's Museum of Contemporary Art.

Black Lives Matter Activists Take It Off The Street And Into The Museum

A postcard from the Underground Museum in Los Angeles, featuring reactions to the week's events from several founders of the Black Lives Matter movement.