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Julie Andrews: "The Very Fairy Princess Sparkles In The Snow"

Singer and actress Julie Andrews talks with Diane about her life and the latest children's book she co-wrote with her daughter.

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Wally Lamb: "We Are Water"

The latest novel by the best-selling author of "She's Come Undone." It’s the story of how a family is changed forever after a flood kills a young mother in a small Connecticut town.

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Alice McDermott: "Someone"

National Book Award-winning author Alice McDermott talks about her latest novel, her first in seven years. It's the story of an ordinary woman's life, its heartbreaks and its joys.

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Juan Gabriel Vasquez: "The Sound Of Things Falling"

A new novel set in Colombia explores what happens when an entire nation is gripped by fear. How Colombia's brutal drug wars alter a generation - and how a nation reclaims its soul.

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Mario Alberto Zambrano: "Loteria: A Novel"

A former international ballet star talks about his second career as a writer. He describes how a card game he played as a child inspired his first novel about a troubled Mexican-American family.

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A Conversation With Author Tana French

Irish author Tana French recently won the prestigious Los Angeles Times Book Prize for thrillers. But her plots are often about more than solving grisly murders. Her fourth book, “Broken Harbor,” is a psychological thriller that also explores a downtrodden Ireland after the fall of the Celtic Tiger. Tana French joins Diane to talk about her best-selling novels and how her career as an actress influences her writing.

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Jason Matthews: "Red Sparrow"

A debut spy novel by a 33-year veteran of the CIA. The book pits a beautiful Russian intelligence officer, a trained seductress, against a rookie American agent.

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Readers' Review: "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" By Muriel Spark

For our August Readers' Review: the story of a charismatic, unconventional teacher and the influence she has on her pupils.

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Book Buying In The Digital Age

Can an algorithm ever really replicate the serendipity of stumbling across a new author in a book store?

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Susan Choi: "My Education"

A professor's dark world, a graduate student's obsession and a torrid affair that turns lives upside down: Susan Choi on her new novel.