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Local Impact: Federal Spending and the D.C. Area

View of the U.S. Capitol from the Eastern Market neighborhood
Debate about government spending is playing a key role in the 2012 election season. But discussion on the scope of the federal government takes on special significance in the D.C. area, where nearly everyone has some tie to Uncle Sam. In a special series informed by the Public Insight Network, WAMU 88.5 looks at the economic, political and emotional impacts of some fundamental questions: What role should the government play? And at what cost?
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Federal Workers' Pay Isn't Untouchable For Two Northern Virginia Candidates

Micah Edmond and Don Beyer both say they support the Simpson-Bowles federal budget plan, which would eventually hit federal workers and contractors in the pocketbook.

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Analysis: District Tourism Sees Increases, Despite Sequester Cuts

Sequester cuts forced many D.C. cultural institutions to trim their budgets. As Matt Vasilogambros from National Journal explains, tourism in the District increased despite smaller budgets.

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Pentagon Works To Cut Furlough Days For Civilian Employees

The number of furlough days for civilian Pentagon employees is being trimmed almost in half — from 11 to 6.

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Sequester Cuts Hit Three Smithsonian Buildings

Sequester cuts are filtering their way down to the exhibit level, as Smithsonian officials have announced closures of three exhibit areas.

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Analysis: Federal Budget Plans And The Government Workforce

One of the major sticking points between the House and Senate budget proposals is cuts to the federal workforce. Kellie Lunney breaks down the differences.

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Senate Budget Committee Digs Into Democratic Proposal

The Democratic budget proposal differs from Rep. Paul Ryan's plan heard earlier this week, in that it shields federal workers and raises trillions in new revenues.

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Facing Sequestration, Local Governments Weigh Tax Hikes, Service Cuts

Hundreds of thousands of Virginia residents are facing furloughs and layoffs, whichis forcing leaders in local government to make difficult choices about their budget priorities.

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Federal Workers Targeted In Paul Ryan's House Spending Plan

Congressman Paul Ryan unveiled his 2014 spending plan on Tuesday, which would cut as much as $4.6 trillion in spending over the next decade largely through cuts for federal workers and social programs.

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Analysis: As Sequester Looms, Untangling The Web Of Federal Furloughs

The automatic federal budget cuts are expected to be messy, but as Tom Shoop of Government Executive explains, it becomes more complicated when the agency in charge of furlough appeals is itself subject to cuts.

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Area Lawmakers Push Priorities As Sequester Cuts Loom

Across-the-board budget cuts are set to take effect next week unless Congress can take action, which has area lawmakers stumping for the programs and priorities they would like spared.