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Robin Givhan On Conscious Consumerism

Almost a year after a factory collapse in Bangladesh made some consumers more concerned about where their clothing comes from, we consider the ideas and realities that fuel consumer clothing choices.

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Robin Givhan On Social Responsibility In Fashion

Serious social issues, ranging from racism to safe and ethical manufacturing practices, have taken center stage recently in the world of fashion. Kojo talks with award-winning fashion critic Robin Givhan about the impact fashion has on lives on and beyond the runway.

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Seersucker: Sartorial Splendor In The Summer Heat

Some say this go-to summer attire evokes nostalgia for a more genteel era in D.C.

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The Quantified Self Movement

Tech Tuesday explores the "quantified self," a movement to harness personal data to increase healthy living.

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DIY Seamstress Embarks On Year-Long 'Clothes Diet'

Lauren Talley learns what it takes to give up clothes shopping — cold turkey.

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This Week on Metro Connection: Wild Cards

From alien souvenir stands to clothes diets, we go theme-less in a summer "Wild Cards" show.

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The Personal Politics Of Fashion With Robin Givhan

Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion critic Robin Givhan is back. She and Kojo talk about the evolution of red carpet dynamics, the first lady's status as a fashion icon and the personal politics at play in the industry.

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First Lady's Inaugural Gown Heads To Archives

Now that the inauguration is over, the gown First Lady Michelle Obama wore to the festivities will be put on display.

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Compromise In Congress to Avert The Fiscal Cliff

Congress passed new tax and spending legislation late last night to avert the fiscal cliff. Analysis of new law and prospects for compromise on other key issues including gun control, immigration and U.S. energy policy.