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As Beijing Prepares To Host Winter Olympics, Where Will It Get The Snow?

NPR's Melissa Block talks with Jennifer Turner, director of the China Environment Forum at the Woodrow Wilson Center, about water resources and environmental concerns in the extremely arid region.

As The West Craves Drought Relief, El Nino May Do More Harm Than Good

There is much hype around a potential El Nino that could help ease the drought on the West Coast. But there are concerns that a deluge of rain could do more harm than good for the long term drought outlook.

As Midwest Dams Reach End Of Life, Soaked States Can't Handle Repair Costs

More than 11,000 dams across the U.S. have protected lives and property from flooding for decades. But age is catching up to them, and many need repairs. Record rain hasn't helped matters this year.

Pesticide Drift Threatens Organic Farms

Conventional farmers use millions of pounds of pesticides each year to protect crops from weeds and insects. When those chemicals drift to neighboring property, they can ruin crops on organic farms.

Despite Record Heat, Californians Used Less Water In June

Water use in California dropped by 27 percent in urban areas during June. These new numbers show that mandatory conservation targets imposed because of the severe drought are affecting water use.

Amid Political Dysfunction, Beirut Residents Suffer The Stench Of Garbage

Beirut's streets are piled with two weeks' worth of uncollected trash. To many Lebanese, it's no surprise. The country has been without a president for more than a year.

AP Study Finds Viruses Linked To Raw Sewage In Rio De Janeiro Olympic Waters

NPR's Melissa Block speaks with the AP's Brazil bureau chief Brad Brooks about the investigation, which found high levels of dangerous viruses in water venues for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Shell Announces Plans To Eliminate 6,500 Jobs

Royal Dutch Shell has announced plans to eliminate 6,500 jobs as slumping oil prices force the industry to make adjustments. Shell's profits fell by more than 30 percent in the second quarter.
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Tea, Golf And Somewhere To Cool Off: The History Of Hains Point

D.C.'s Hains Point is beloved by many local residents. But it wasn't always that way, because 150 years ago, the point wasn't there at all. A look at the history of the now-iconic peninsula.

Experts: Flight MH370 Debris Could Have Reached Western Indian Ocean

A scientist who studies ocean circulation patterns tells NPR that it's "highly likely" that floating wreckage from the airliner could have reached the island of Reunion near Madagascar.