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Southern California Moves To Protect Homeless As El Niño Rain Hits Region

Rain, and lots of it, is falling in parts of California as the first of several El Niño storms makes its way across the state. In the Los Angeles area, county officials have spent extra to offer more shelter options for its large homeless population.
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Environmental Outlook: A New Push For Carbon Removal

The climate agreement reached in Paris last month set ambitious goals for curbing global warming. Some say those goals cannot be achieved through reducing emissions alone and that it's time to take a more serious look at carbon removal.


As Technology Marches On, Reservoir Caretakers Stay At Their Posts

When it comes to dam safety, human eyes are still one of the best tools to recognize problems — so in some areas, workers live in remote locations to watch over the water supply.

Justice Department Files Lawsuit Against Volkswagen Over Emissions Software

On Monday, the Department of Justice, acting on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency, filed a civil complaint in federal court in Detroit against Volkswagen. The DOJ alleges that nearly 600,000 diesel engine vehicles had illegal defeat devices installed that impaired emission control systems and caused emissions to exceed EPA's standards, resulting in harmful air pollution.

Using Technology To Keep Carbon Emissions In Check

Renewable energy is only one of the steps toward achieving the goals set by the Paris climate deal. We take a trip around North America to explore other ways of keeping carbon out of the atmosphere.

Ski Resorts See Slight Thaw After Chilling Effect Of Climate Change

California's historic drought provided a glimpse of what skiing might be like with climate change. Industry executives are counting on their customers being flexible in the years ahead.

From Poop To Power: Colorado Explores New Sources Of Renewable Energy

Europe has extracted natural gas from organic waste for about a decade, and now it's spreading to the U.S. In Colorado, efforts are under way to produce natural gas from human waste and food scraps.

Encore: Meteorologists Launch Balloons To Collect Weather Data

Member station KUCB tagged along with a meteorologist at one of America's most remote weather stations. This story originally aired on Dec. 22, 2015, on All Things Considered.

Oil Production Fuels Earthquake Surge In Oklahoma

NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Todd Halihan, a professor in the school of geology at Oklahoma State, about how Oklahoma has now surpassed California for seismic activity.

New Year's Day Quake In Oklahoma City Amid Increasing Seismic Activity

The state of Oklahoma saw more than 800 earthquakes with magnitude of 3 or greater in 2015.