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Not All Cattle Farmers In Virginia Are Embracing State's Stream-Fencing Program

A program intended to keep streams cleaner — and ultimately improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay — isn't catching on with all of the Virginia cattle farmers that it was supposed to attract.


More Rain Expected As Massive Flooding Shuts Down Houston

Parts of Houston have received nearly a foot of rain in the past day. The deluge has led to flooding, school and road closures, and many water rescues.

Death Toll Rises To 750 As Heat Wave Sweeps Through India

Over 750 people are dead in India — mostly in the South — as an intense heat wave grips the country.

California's Drought Makes It Rain Big Bucks For Local Businesses

"Every crisis is an opportunity." That's exactly how some entrepreneurs are looking at California's worsening drought; the drier it gets, the more their business thrives.
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Should Montgomery County Ban Pesticide Use On Lawns?

A bill before the Montgomery County Council would ban the use of pesticides on lawns, citing potential health effects, but while the bill has many supporters, critics say the policy is misguided.


As Wells Dry Up, Calif. County Aims To Streamline Solutions For Water

The lack of rain has hit all of California hard but perhaps no place more than Tulare County, an hour south of Fresno. It's home to 60 percent of the residential wells that have gone dry in the state.

Oklahoma Lawmakers Pass Measure Preventing Local Fracking Bans

Oklahoma's governor is deciding whether to sign a bill that prevents communities from banning fracking and other oil and gas activity. Lawmakers were spooked by a voter-approved fracking ban in Texas.

In Drought-Ridden Taiwan, Residents Adapt To Life With Less Water

In Taiwan, businesses and residents have been learning to adapt to life with less water. The island country is coping with its worst drought in decades.

Flash Flooding Races Through Texas, Oklahoma After Record Rainfall

Severe storms are creating massive flooding in Texas, Oklahoma and throughout the Great Plains. Meteorologists say this downpour most likely ended the years long drought for that portion of the West — but it comes at a high cost.

A Home Air Quality Monitor That Can Be Checked Out From The Library

In polluted Pittsburgh, a new device from a local university helps residents assess indoor air. It's not the only monitor on the market — but is the only one available to borrow from a public library.