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An Upside To Climate Change? Better French Wine

Global warming has made conditions historically associated with great wines more frequent in Bordeaux and Burgundy, a study finds. But things look less bright for California vineyards.

In California, Poisonous Death Cap Mushrooms Are The Forager's Bane

Death caps, which are abundant throughout California, can easily be confused for edible mushrooms. But just one of these unassuming, greenish caps contains enough poison to kill someone.

In California, Dealing With A Drought And Preparing For A Flood

Why are some California reservoirs releasing water even though the state is going through an extreme drought? Turns out it's to prevent an even bigger disaster. But the strategy may change soon.

Flint Residents Tired Of Talk And Tests, Eager For Solution

A group of Virginia Tech researchers exposed the drinking water contamination in Flint, Mich., last summer. Now, they are back to retest the waters — and determine if the water is still dangerous.

Pigeons Are London's Newest Pollution Fighters

Pigeons have a bad reputation. But London's Pigeon Air Patrol is monitoring pollution levels. A flock of racing pigeons equipped with sensors launched this week. The results, naturally, are tweeted.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder: 'We All Failed The Families Of Flint'

The governor and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. During the hearing, there were multiple calls for their resignations.

Before Flint, Lead-Contaminated Water Plagued Schools Across U.S.

Schools all over the country, not just Michigan, have struggled to eliminate lead from water fountains and cafeterias — some for more than a decade.

Obama Administration Will Not Allow Atlantic Offshore Drilling

The reversal comes after an uproar from communities in Atlantic coast states over fishing and wildlife. Also, the Pentagon said it would conflict with Navy activity.

These 27 Solutions Could Help The U.S. Slash Food Waste

The U.S. wastes 133 billion pounds of food annually. Cutting that by 50 percent by 2020 is going to take a serious action plan. A new data-driven report ranks approaches that could get the job done.
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Partial Ban On 'Neonic' Pesticides, Believed To Be Bee Killer, Passes Maryland Senate

Controversial neonicotinoid insecticides are believed to be a contributor to honey-bee colony collapse disorder, prompting the Maryland Senate to pass a partial ban on the substances.