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Chipotle Says There's No 'Guacapocalypse' Looming

Yes, climate change raises the risk that avocados will become extra pricey. But Chipotle says that news reports suggesting it could be forced to drop guacamole from the menu are vastly overstated.

Wind River Indian Reservation's Borders Are Disputed

The borders have grown by about a million acres after a decision by the Environmental Protection Agency. Tribes see it as righting a historical wrong. The state is fighting the move.

Virus Locked In Siberian Ice For 30,000 Years Is Revived In Lab

A team of scientists says it has reawakened an ancient pathogen. It's not dangerous to humans, but they warn that climate change could free potentially deadly organisms locked in permafrost.

Nepal Cracks Down On Messy Everest Climbers

Authorities say that from now on, climbers on the world's tallest peak will be expected to return 18 pounds of garbage on their way down or lose a $4,000 deposit.

Divers Find 65-Foot Crack In Columbia River Dam

The 2-inch-wide crack was found after an engineer spotted an odd curve on part of the Wanapum Dam near the town of Vantage. The water behind the dam was drawn down to its lowest level in 50 years.
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"Truth In Seafood" Labeling

Lawmakers in Maryland are debating a new proposal that would make it illegal for restaurants and markets to mislabel the food they sell and require them specifically to note where the origins of crab meat they offer to consumers.


Even In A Desert, Drought Spells Trouble For Ranchers

Northern Nevada is feeling the wide-ranging effects of the drought. With grazing land diminishing and feed prices soaring, the cattle industry is reeling.

Throw Me Something (Again), Mister: Mardi Gras Beads Revived

When the parade is over, all those beads the crowd so eagerly called for seem to lose their shine. Rather than see the leftovers end up in a landfill, one New Orleans group collects and recycles them.

Creation Museum: Bill Nye Debate Sparked Funding 'Miracle'

Ken Ham, the museum's founder, says a $73-million Noah's Ark theme park was saved from bankruptcy thanks in part to the media attention generated by the face off.

In The Arizona Wilds, Burro Murders Baffle Investigators

Despite federal protections, slow-moving wild donkeys are being targeted, and the shooters are getting away with it. Originally gold miners' pack animals, burros are symbolic of the American West.