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U.N. Holds Climate Talks In New York Ahead Of Paris Meeting

The United Nations is having a high-level climate meeting ahead of the end-of-year meeting in Paris that will hopefully result in a major new agreement to rein in greenhouse gases.

Supreme Court Rules In Industry's Favor. What's EPA's Next Move?

Monday's decision from the high court technically only applies to the Clean Air Act's standards on mercury emissions from power plants. But it could affect future EPA regulations, legal experts say.
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'Bodysnatching' Parasite Sweeping Through Crab Populations In Chesapeake Bay

A bodysnatching parasite is spreading through crab populations in the Chesapeake Bay, and so far, the crab species at risk are of little economic consequence. But biologists say this invasive parasite has cousins that could wreak havoc with the Bay's fisheries.

Supreme Court Blocks Obama Administration Plan On Power Plant Emissions

In a 5-4 ruling, the court says the Environmental Protection Agency should have taken into account the costs of complying with regulation.

Residents Grow More Desperate Without Water In California Town

A town in California's Central Valley is at the center of the state's drought. Renee Montagne talks to Pastor Roman Hernandez about the thousands of residents who don't have water in East Porterville.

Wildlife Forensics Lab Uses Tech To Sniff, Identify Illegal Wood

International timber trafficking is an estimated $100 billion business. A lab that usually focuses on endangered animal cases is using a sophisticated machine to identify contraband wood shipments.

Save Wildlife, Save Yourself?

Protecting the environment may reduce many diseases, such as Lyme and West Nile, a study finds. The tantalizing idea suggests that conservation and human health may be more connected than we thought.

Study Reveals What Happens During A 'Glacial Earthquake'

Scientists have figured out how massive chunks of ice trigger these seismically detectable events when they break off a glacier. The findings could help researchers track ice loss from glaciers.

How A Historical Blunder Helped Create The Water Crisis In The West

In 1922, seven states drew up a plan for dividing the waters of the Colorado River. But they overestimated how much water the river could provide — and now 40 million Americans face a water crisis.

The Dutch Ruling On Climate Change That Could Have A Global Impact

A Dutch court hands environmentalists a big victory with potential global repercussions, ordering the government to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent.