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Ski Resorts See Slight Thaw After Chilling Effect Of Climate Change

California's historic drought provided a glimpse of what skiing might be like with climate change. Industry executives are counting on their customers being flexible in the years ahead.

From Poop To Power: Colorado Explores New Sources Of Renewable Energy

Europe has extracted natural gas from organic waste for about a decade, and now it's spreading to the U.S. In Colorado, efforts are under way to produce natural gas from human waste and food scraps.

Encore: Meteorologists Launch Balloons To Collect Weather Data

Member station KUCB tagged along with a meteorologist at one of America's most remote weather stations. This story originally aired on Dec. 22, 2015, on All Things Considered.

Oil Production Fuels Earthquake Surge In Oklahoma

NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Todd Halihan, a professor in the school of geology at Oklahoma State, about how Oklahoma has now surpassed California for seismic activity.

New Year's Day Quake In Oklahoma City Amid Increasing Seismic Activity

The state of Oklahoma saw more than 800 earthquakes with magnitude of 3 or greater in 2015.

Maryland Startup Redirects River Of Rejected Gifts

Returns of toys and gadgets add up to more than $260 billion every year. Optoro, a startup in Maryland, tries to reduce the cost to retailers, and the cost to the environment.
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Styrofoam Banned In D.C., Montgomery County Starting Jan. 1

Containers made of expanded polystyrene, or styrofoam, are banned in D.C. and Montgomery County starting New Year's Day.

Towns Along The Mississippi River Evacuate As Floodwaters Swell

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon activated the National Guard as flooding closed interstate highways and forced people from their homes. The river is expected to crest Thursday at its highest level since 1993.

Tax Breaks, Falling Costs Are Boosting Wind And Solar

Congress has extended tax credits for clean energy as part of a $1.8 trillion spending bill. Solar and wind power companies say it will catapult the industry at a time when costs are already falling.

A Cause For Cautious Celebration: Guinea Is Ebola-Free

After two years and over 2,500 deaths, the country's epidemic has officially ended, the World Health Organization says. Health groups will be watching to ensure the virus doesn't re-emerge.