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Analysis Of President Obama's Final State of the Union Address

Political reporters weigh in on President Obama's last State of the Union speech. We discuss Obama's final-year agenda, including efforts to reform gun laws and address voter fears over terrorism and the economy.


Solar Firms Stop Selling Panels In Nevada To Protest State Rule Change

The latest battle over state subsidies for the solar industry is in Nevada. Regulators ruled against solar companies and they are closing operations in the state and laying off hundreds of employees.

Volkswagen CEO: 'We Didn't Lie' About Emissions

Volkswagen CEO Mattias Mueller, who was in Detroit earlier this week for the auto show, told NPR that the emissions cheating scandal was a technical problem and not an ethical one.

Aleutian Quake Zone Could Shoot Big Tsunamis To Hawaii, California

Tension is building along a major fault in the seabed off Alaska's coast, research shows. Devastating tsunamis from sudden slips in certain sections could directly hit Hawaii and Central California.

Environmental Agencies Reject VW's Plan For Recall Over Emissions

The EPA says Volkswagen is responsible for nearly 600,000 diesel-powered vehicles that are now producing harmful air pollution in the U.S.

Our Favorite Banana May Be Doomed; Can New Varieties Replace It?

The Cavendish banana and other beloved varieties are threatened by a fungus that's spreading around the world. Scientists are trying to find new varieties that will be resistant to the disease.

Can #OddEven Curb Delhi Pollution? Here's What Locals Are Tweeting

The world's most polluted city (according to WHO) tries to get millions of drivers off the roads with a new license-plate-based plan.

LA Councilman Compares Porter Ranch Gas Leak To BP Oil Spill But On Land

A natural gas leak in a Los Angeles community is spewing 1,2000 tons of methane into the air daily. Renee Montagne talks to Mitchell Englander, the LA City Councilman who represents Porter Ranch.

What Does El Niño Precipitation Mean For California Drought?

It's finally raining in California, but will the El Niño storms be enough to refill the state's reservoirs? Can the water be collected? Alice Walton of the LA Times talks with NPR's Rachel Martin.

New Orleans Prepares For Mississippi River Flooding

The Mississippi River is expected to crest Sunday. Officials in low-lying New Orleans don't expect this time to be as bad as last month, but they're not taking any chances.