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D.C.'s Aims For Sustainability With Start In September

D.C. officials are kicking off a new planning effort to make the District the most sustainable city in the nation, and they're asking residents for help.


How Community Supported Agriculture Sprouted In China

In a village near Beijing, Little Donkey Farm is trying to rebuild a tradition of organic farming in the world's most populous country. It builds on thousands of years of Chinese history, but it's also inspired by American experiences.
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Public Input Needed For D.C. Sustainability

D.C. is launching a new sustainability initiative to make the city a greener, healthier place, and they're asking for input from residents.

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Record Numbers To Go "Car Free"

capital bikeshare

A record 10,600 commuters have pledged to go without cars Thursday in honor of the 11th annual "Car Free Day."

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D.C. Ranked Sixth Smoggiest City

D.C. ranked sixth smoggiest

According to a report by Environment Virginia, the D.C. area was the sixth smoggiest metropolitan area in the country, generating unsafe levels of pollution 33 days out of the year.

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Hidden D.C.: Inside a Sewer Tunnel

The SAM 101 Team

They work in a place that's dark, dank, and occasionally dangerous. So how do the people who spend their 9 to 5 in the city's sewers feel about their jobs?


This Machine Can Suck Carbon Out Of The Air

While carbon dioxide streams into the atmosphere from tailpipes and smokestacks around the world, one man is building a machine to suck it back out. And some heavy-hitting investors are betting that it's going to work.

Man's Call To America: Turn Off That Air Conditioner

This summer has been the second-hottest ever recorded in the United States, pushing power demands to record levels. To some, the country's growing reliance on air conditioning puts it at risk of a vicious circle: cooling down by burning energy — which raises emissions levels.
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Floods Wash Out Maryland Trails

Maryland state parks are still feeling the effects from the heavy storms and flooding earlier this month.


Documenting The Sound Of Fallen Trees (And Planes)

Researchers at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon have been documenting the park's soundscape. But human-caused noises, like airplanes, are making it harder to hear.