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Physics Nobelists Observed An Accelerating Universe

In 1998, two teams of physicists looking at distant supernovae noticed something surprising--the supernovae were not only moving outwards but also accelerating. These observations have won three Americans the 2011 Nobel Prize in physics. Nobelist Adam Riess discusses how physicists are now looking at the universe.

How That Food You Throw Out Is Linked To Global Warming

The greenhouse gas emissions from the 55 million tons of food the U.S. food wastes every year add up to to 135 million tons a year. Some foods, like beef, have a much bigger impact on the climate than others.
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Wetlands Continue To Decline

The rate at which wetlands are disappearing in the U.S. has slowed considerably, but the rate is still unacceptable to conservationists.


Britain's Backyard Wildlife

The 2011 British Wildlife Photography Awards feature the U.K.'s resident animals as they roam their terrain and swim in their waters.
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D.C. Fire Stations To Install Green Roofs

Plants growing on the roof of fire station.

Several D.C. fire stations will soon have a green respite installed on their roofs as part of a Chesapeake Bay protection grant.


Calif. Agency Considers Climate Change In Its Plans

Officials in California caution that rising sea levels could inundate the shoreline of San Francisco Bay, including the San Francisco International Airport and several Silicon Valley companies. A state planning agency votes on rules that would limit new construction around the bay on Thursday. That's inspired a fierce battle with the business community.
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Greener Infrastructure Manages Stormwater In D.C.


More green trees and grass in D.C. might seem like an aesthetic addition, but in SE D.C., these additions are an important part of a new strategy to retain stormwater.

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Dominion Offers Discount To Electric Car Owners

tesla roadster

Owners of electric cars will get a break from Dominion Power when they plug in their rides during non-peak hours.

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New D.C. Gardening Program Takes Root


Local schools are starting to reap the benefits of a gardening program introduced as part of the Healthy Schools Act last year.