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California Prepares For Difficult Fire Season Amid Drought

Firefighters in California depend on water from lakes and reservoirs to help fight wildfires. But water levels have fallen because of the ongoing drought, and some water sources may be too low to use.

Colorado Water Plan Aims To Head Off Predicted Shortages Down The Road

Officials are drafting a statewide water plan. It's an attempt to address the water needs of a rapidly growing population and a diminishing water supply due to drought and other conditions.

California Races To Protect Its Forests As Fire Season Begins

This week marks the official start to California's fire season. The state's ongoing drought is stressing its forests and trees, making them even more vulnerable.

Natural GMO? Sweet Potato Genetically Modified 8,000 Years Ago

People have been farming — and eating — a GMO for thousands of years without knowing it. Scientists have found genes from bacteria in sweet potatoes around the world. So who made the GMO?

Santa Barbara Leads California In Cutting Water Use

California officials are finalizing a mandatory plan to cut water use across the state. Cities looking for a road map on how to save water might consider Santa Barbara's example.

Teens Say California Drought Makes Tap Water Taste Funky

A firsthand look at how the historic drought is affecting local teens' quest to quench their thirst.

A Novel Dutch Lawsuit Demands Government Cut Carbon Emissions

An environmental group is behind the class-action suit that says the government is not doing enough to protect citizens. A ruling in the closely watched case is expected next month.

A Landscape Of Abundance Becomes A Landscape Of Scarcity

Photographer Matt Black spends his days capturing images that illustrate the impact of the drought on people living in California's Central Valley.

It's A Beautiful Tree But It Causes A Stink

The disease-resistant Callery pear once was American cities' street tree of choice. One community in Pennsylvania has banned it. This story originally aired on All Things Considered on April 24, 2015.

Electric Carmaker Tesla To Sell Batteries Designed To Power Homes

Tesla is building the biggest battery factory in the world. It hopes to drive battery prices down so far that lithium ion batteries are no longer just for laptops, phones or cars.